Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hello June

Hey, it's already

And it's month of QS's 3-year-old birthday. How fast time goes, and she is an awesome kiddo. Many Japanese language words she can speak now, of course with Malay and English as well.

Alright, as many know this month is the month for Apple's WWDC. I was held on 4-8 of June and I think it was pretty awesome. I see the live videos as well as recorded videos with WWDC apps on iOS and also WWDC desktop app.

Many of this can learn from WWDC, either for designing, planning or developing.

I am also in the midst of finishing a Sketch design for wireframe. And I think it's becoming harder now as the system is now what I am familiar with and need some extended research to complete it hopefully I can be more focused to finished it.

On iOS 12, no new design was introduced, more into OS refinement and more humanity. Cool features for iPhone X, especially #memoji.

macOS, will have dark mode. And the other cool thing for macOS, soon developer be able to write apps based on iOS apps. Technically we can use UIKit to build macOS app, which we can share with iOS app.

That is it for now, see you later.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

AR Training

Hello guys,

So I recently join an workshop with my fellow friends at Arleta as a instructor for AR app development with Unity and Vuforia.

I have experience doing Unity with Vuforia to test out the Augmented Reality. I have deployed on my iPhone as well to test it out on device and work out wonderfully.

However the challenge was, I didn't have a modules at first, but with the help from previous Arleta team member, there was an old module that teach Frog Lifecycle. So base on that, I take the idea from Jigspace as an Augmented Reality platform for learning. What it's shine is using AR to conveying educational contents one-by-one by pressing next button.

Fast forward, the team and I did it. We had taught what it should to be taught in 2 days. And after that students have to build their own content and present. And the presentations by students were not bad at all. Many can use the core concept of AR. Moreover, there is excellent students who make use that with more solid AR idea, using 2D plan, and using AR to make it to 3D plan. How cool is that.

Yeah, I am satisfied with the modules we created. But it's specially created for educators and not neccessarily can code.

So maybe next time I can teach you how to make AR app with Unity and Vuforia.


Tuesday, 15 May 2018

PRU14, QS and AR

Salam guys,

So hari ni saya nak tulis in BM, Bahasa Melayu. Semperna PRU14 ni, rakyat Malaysia, umumnya, amat bergembira dengan pembaharuan Malaysia #MalaysiaBaru. Ya, tuan-tuan, kita sememangnya amat bertuah di bumi bertuah ini tetapi jika ditadbir oleh orang lebih berwibawa pastinya lebih bertuah tanah tumpah darah kita ini. Betul ke betul?

Marilah kita berganding bahu untuk mebina diri, keluarga, bangsa, agama dan neraga yang lebih gemilang, cermerlang dan terbilang. Kita sama-sama mainkan peranan dengan apa kelebihan yang kita miliki. Kita semua ada kelebihan masing-masing, asah ia, jadikan ia sebagai satu kekuatan dan seterusnya menjadi unfair advantage kita untuk menempuh masa-masa sekarang dan akan datang. Kalau belum jumpa lagi tu, cari lagi bro.

QS, sedar tak sedar dah nak masuk 3 tahun, QS tu nama singkatan anak saya. Dan kebetulan juga saya ada iReka Soft Enterprise pun dah masuk 3 tahun bulan ini. Pergh, sedar tak sedar kan, tapi perjalan ia amat menyeronokan, walaupun ada yang kurang best, tapi best lagi banyak dan saya amat bersyukur. Terima kasih semua.

QS, ni nampaknya dah pandai bersembang-sembang, umur nak masuk 3 tahun kan, pandai sebut pelbagai jenis perkataan, ada Melayu, ada English ada juga bahasa Jepun, tak lupa juga pandai baca doa dalam bahasa Arab. Kiranya multi-lingual juga dia. Hebat-hebat. Sebutan perkataan yang disebutkan makin lama makin jelas. Dan, pada umur lebih kurang ini juga dia sememangnya waktu 'membelajar' perkataan baru, dan banyak bertanya-tanya 'itu apa', 'apa tu', 'what is that?', sebagai parent kita lah yang banyak sebut perkataan-perkataan baru dan ajar dia. 'Oooo <perkataan baru tu>...'.. :) Memang best lah kan kalau kita ajar anak kita macam-macam dan dia pick-up. Macam saya banyakan cakap perkataan baru dalam bahasa Jepun, dan disebut ulang-ulang. Lama-lama dia boleh ingat. Mungkin awalnya dia 'blur' apa maksudnya, tapi bila diulang-ulang pada sesuatu konteks, budak akan memahami dari masa ke semasa.

Itu lah dia kisah QS, dalam ReactNative pun ada QS ni, tapi maksud dia 'query string'. Maksud lain pun ada juga 'quality control'.

Alrite, lets go to another topic, AR. AR ni saya ada belajar course ARKit, tapi sekarang ni tak da satu pun app AR yang nak di publishkan, dah belajar dah pun tapi kurang idea untuk dipublishkan. Devices pun ada, tapi rezeki untuk buat benda ni belum ada. On the other hands, ada rakan saya yang berjuang-juangan nak buat AR, nak buat tools untuk orang ramai publish AR. Pening kepala dia, tapi tu lah benda-benda baru ni susah untuk dibangunkan sendiri.

Jadi sebagai orang yang agak suka belajar benda baru ni mungkin nak medalami sedikit sebanyak tentang dunia Unity dengan teknologi AR. Mungkin ada hasilnyakan.

Teknologi ReactNative telah dipelajari 2 bulan nak masuk 3 bulan, walaupun pada awalnya agak stress sedikit tapi dengan bantuan 'logistic' kita, saya dapat tunjuk ajar dari rakan-rakan lain. Juga, sebagai rasa untuk menyumbangkan tenaga untuk mengajar orang-orang disekeliling kita tentang ReactNative juga.

Kalau berminat boleh join meet-up kami di MaGIC, Cyberjaya.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Why Business Owner to Make Mobile Apps

Hello everyone, it's already May in 2018, hopefully, you enjoy your time.

Today, I would like to share something about trending in our society. We are living in the smartphone generation believe it or not. Now everyone has one, or more maybe, but people are very sticking with their smartphones. Well in that sense we understand that how much important smartphone plays roles in our life.

Because of that, as a business owner, don't you think that mostly your customers are like them. Yes, it's.  With the right UIUX for your smartphone apps, making apps for your customer is a crucial path to succeed in having a mobile app. Not every app are created equal, the one with the best ingredient will win.

Let we zoom out a little bit, smartphone users are categorized into iOS and Android territories. About 84% of Android and 14% are on iOS in the world. iOS is powering the iPhones are the high-end segments, because the price of iPhone is relatively high. Especially the super high-end iPhone X, it's cost more than RM5000 a piece. And the other side, Android, also has the high-end segment, but it also sells mid and low-end segment. The cheapest one maybe you can get for RM300.

We understand that the duopoly of iOS and Android has segmented customer but both are important segments.

Now, why, and how it differs from another digital medium like a website and social media. We will go one by one.

When a customer Google something on the internet, and they find a website that is a quality customer. It's good because it's there because when they want to find them. However it's still lacking giving the latest information when they want to, and a customer will have a little issue to open the website easily.

Social media, it's the place where people want to pull more followers. It's a great place to obtain new customers. People usually will post great contents and sometimes pay for an advert. Well, that's good, you will engaging users and customers from social media. But when the followers are more than 50,000, owners have another issue where their reach is only about 3% of overall followers. Therefore, their messages to the customers sometimes not reached as intended. Well, this is the time the social make money by requiring owners to pay for more reach. At the same time, reportedly, customers from social media are needing more attention, thus as a customer, the quality is lower and leads to lower sales.

Okay, now we are into mobile apps. Really why?

First of all, mobile apps are fore loyal customers. Raving fan. They are waiting for your contents. This is the place we want to gather fans. Therefore owner can do more engagement with their raving fans. Compared to social media, the cost is more effective and possibly can increase the number of sales because of the better quality of customers.

Now apps are pretty powerful, why it is?

1. TREND: nowadays like stated before, we can not live without the smartphone, we are dying to connect on Whatsapp, Facebook and etc. We understand those apps are super-good, by making a super good app can also attract user into using other business apps that have the right ingredient for engaging customers.

Push notifications can help to reach your potential customers. The cost of push notification is almost zero, for those who subscribe for push notification. You may send unlimited push notifications for your raving customer, so they will never be missed your next content.

2. BRANDING: why not having your brand into your customer smartphone, they will remember you and will use you a lot when they find the app is easy to use, make their life easier, effective, fast, less buggy and works wonderfully.

3. SYSTEMIZE: you will have more system into your business. From online purchasing, events management, bookings etc. Everything is more systemize with mobile apps, the customer can sign-up we can make a profile of customers, the business owner can have more insights about their customers.

Alright, that are the key points why a business owner should have mobile apps. It's definitely not for all, but if you are in business growing category, definitely the quality mobile apps developer can help you to grow your business with the right mobile apps strategy.

And at iReka Soft we are striving to build quality apps, and more versatile, cross-platform with latest technologies like React Native so that the mobile apps maintainance can be lessen but the quality is great.

Thanks for reading and will see you on the next post.


Sunday, 29 April 2018

DevCon 4 : ReactNative

Hello readers,

Yesterday, 28 April 2018, iReka Soft has taught Beginning React Native Development with Expo to around 80 people at MaGIC.

I was a tremendous experience to such of crowds. Previously, I taught iOS development classes, 2 classes, it were about 10 and below participant. Now, I had 80 something and using Maker Lab to occupy such bigger audience.

The content for the React Native development is suitable for many ranges of people. What they have to do is to bring their own laptop and mobile phones. They just need to install specified software then they are ready to go for development.

It's quite a good experience to teach for such crowd and also the success rate it's about more than 70% percent be able to run the program.

Thanks to DevCon and associates, MaGIC for the venue. And it was a free class. So it's a fun and free way to give back to the community.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

State of Wordpress: Elemento

Hey guys,

As you might know, Wordpress is number one CMS in the world. Because of its popularity and openness, developers around the world keep contributing to the development of Wordpress.

Year-by-year we can see the de facto way of building Wordpress website.

I have a chance to learn how to build the Wordpress website from scratch ( or almost scratch with underscore theme ). It's definitely time-consuming and quite hard for non-coders. If you do it for someone you probably want to charge it.

Another way to build Wordpress website, besides buying templates, is using site builder with Wordpress plug-in. Before I kind-of-know SiteOrigin Page Builder, but now there is the new one and it's better, it's called Elementor.

Compared to SiteOrigin Page Builder, Elementor design the website on the actual website. Not in a form of boxes like SiteOrigin Page Builder does. Therefore, we can get the final result immediately without saving and preview it. It definitely saves user's precious times.

Elementor has a great flexibility, which we can play around with its constraint and CSS. We can be more creative by changing stuff that we know about CSS.

Even the Elementor has many great things, users need also be smart to plan their website too. Know overall feel of what they want on the website can help them to design and develop a website.

So, if you haven't tried yet the Elementor plug-in, I suggest you give a try.

I have made few pages updated with Elementor like irekasoft.com/expense and irekasoft.com/faceclock-pro.

Till then, happy coding.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Wireframing - Process After Process Flow Diagram & User Case

Today I would like to write about things will happen after we completed the 'process flow' and 'user case'.

As a definition, 'process flow diagram' is diagrams that show how the process of the app from the start user open the app until the user successfully made a purchase. It shows in boxes but we detail out the flow and the detail inside the boxes. On the other hand, user case is where the flow of information from multiple stakeholders. By having those diagrams make it clearer what we should do with the apps.

And as part of the business make it clear that is what our client wants in black and white. We use a tool draw.io to make the process flow diagram and use case.


After those steps, we will enter the wireframing process. As the name suggests, it's like a wire and frame. It has many flavors of doing wireframing. We use an app called Sketch to do wireframing. It's quite a high-fidelity tool for doing wireframing. Yes, it's but, for the purpose of wireframing, we will less focus on colors and the final graphics.

What we will focus are:

- What kind of information we want to display
- How is the flow of the apps in holistic view
- Menu view.
- Type of data. Detail of data will be shown.
- Images
- Layout
- Structure
- and many more.

As the next step from the planning, we cement the visual element of the project so the client can see as roughly how the apps will look like and what the functionality it will have.

So that's is an introduction about wireframing. It's quite fun to do while it's quite essential and less painful because we don't have to think so much about the final design with colors and aesthetic details.


Hello June

Hey, it's already And it's month of QS's 3-year-old birthday. How fast time goes, and she is an awesome kiddo. Many Japanese l...