Thursday 16 July 2020

Developing ReactJS + React Native with Firebase


We as developers at least have encountered tutorials working with Firebase. It's common things now to use Firebase as a backend system for your mobile app or web app.

For me, I haven't been into Firebase so much until this recent time.

I have built a complete app by utilizing many aspects of Firebase.

Here is the summary of what I have done with Firebase:

- Authentication
- Change the user's profile
- Using the real-time database
- Read the nodes and change it into an object or an array.
- Create a node at a specific place.
- Delete a node
- Set a node with specific value. By using set, it will replace other things inside the node.
- Update a node. This will only change specific items on the node.
- Move the node from old to a new place. It was dangerous when add a null object it's actually deleting the node.
- Upload item to cloud storage

.. and so on

Till next time!

H2 of 2020


It's already H2 of 2020, hope you find this year quite meaningful even though facing such unprecedented times of Covid-19 pandemic.

As I do from the early of this year with Orderla, and the tough time we had from MCO, Orderla has become a choice for people to sell online.

We reached 2000++ merchants last 3rd July, and currently have over 100 paid subscribers on Orderla Plus.

That's actually validate something, that the system is needed by many sellers online. We are just scratching the surface of simple ordering form to WhatsApp can be.

At first it is just a simple form to choose and send to WhatsApp. But it could be more than that.

It's at first at technical perspective, very easy to maintain system as it is just only route back to WhatsApp and the seller and buyer can interact on their own.

For Plus plan, we can use payment gateways to systemize how do we get paid and also get notified when it's done via mobile app.

Orderla Direct ( In Select Beta Testing )

The next step we are trying for is to completely skip the WhatsApp part of the ordering and jump straight to the payment.

Technically for making Orderla Direct is need to stricter at inputing form. We need to validate the format properly

For the next step user can be able to put their location and automatically knows the price for delivering.

The type of business is quite varied. Orderla tries to support as many types as possible. But at the time moment, the type needed for Orderla Direct is need:

1. Payment Gateway
2. Delivery methods ( with address )

Orderla Direct cannot use without payment gateway, you cannot pay buy COD or manual bank transfer. It's just not work for now.

See the Result 

Let's wait for internal testing for Direct first, because we currently build cannot cater for all kinds of normal Orderla form can do.

We still improvise the system and hope it can be released to public soon with an attractive pricing option.

See you on the next post.