Tuesday 1 October 2019

UX Wireframe

Hello October,

As usual we have some monthly post about iReka Soft business update.

Starting off, with the Laravel + React development.

We have done a development sprint on building a system to improve traditional method from framework-less PHP. And the result is stunning. Within a month, with the help of UX wireframing and UX design sprint, our team and the client has innovate the ideas of rebuilding the old-school system into more modern system with Laravel + React.

Well, Laravel is a framework build on top of PHP. While React is a JavaScript framework. React usually used with other state management system called Redux to make it more complete.

Both of them are the best of its class when we talk about framework.

By combining them, we get a much efficient result at much shorter time.


We have branch out UX Wireframe as its own when it come to services.

We analogy this with the plan when building a house.

How would we know the cost and the timeline when we don't make the plan of the house. How constructive the plan to move into development.

By having plan with UX wireframe we will get better understanding of what would we want to build.

And UX wireframe is not complete without UX design sprint. A one-day sprint with all stakeholders to solve the current problems. This is done visually, because the software would be visual.


Conclusion, we have a tremendous year this year by evolving our products, and to identify the important of capturing the platform that is so ubiquitous, the web.

And of course the next step when the client is ready, we can jump into mobile apps, and desktop app as well.

Optimized, native and good experience.

Until next time.