Saturday 30 December 2017

Moving Forward: 2018

2018 is just around corner and definitely what we will have by next year is determined by what we plan and the knowledge and skill we acquired by far.

iReka Soft has learnt so much thing in mobile apps development, but yet many more things to learn.

Overall I always wanted to create world-class mobile apps that can be enjoyed and loved by many people in the world with matured and exceptional products.

The revenue for iReka Soft are servicing, paid app, in-app purchase and also ads, in mobile apps development iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV), Android and also macOS.

For year 2018, iReka Soft is expected to deep dive into Apple ecosystem, which are iOS and macOS. Android experience is something great but I have to decide to focus more into things that I personally enjoyed and need more focus until it's really a success.

I think developing Android app was a incredible journey. I made severals Android apps for Google Play with Android Studio, Android Studio is better than Eclipse, and I scored some jobs on Android, developed and published Android apps that garner 4~ stars with 10k downloads for local-targetted app. But personally, I appreciate what I have learnt, maybe someday I will open back Android chapter or can collaborate with more skill person in Android. I love Android, but it's a decision for more focus on Apple technologies.
Let's talk a little bit more into techs.

## Swift / Objective-C

Although I love Swift 3, 4 but I need to maintain still profitable yet veteran apps, I must keep using Objective-C. Alongside with Swift, which is clean and simple to moving forward.

## Laravel (PHP)

On the other side, I will also keep coding for backend with Laravel and with front-end code with HTML/CSS.

With internal system IRIS, I will use that for managing mobile apps backend. Which is important to get feedback or give the data to the mobile apps.

I will also maintain WordPress for website.

Firebase is in my sight to use it. It's so crucial to combine with Google stack for mobile development. Firebase can do many things nowadays.

## Google / Firebase

Will keep using AdMob and also will do research on Facebook Audience Network.

## Video marketing

Well this can be skill I can say, video marketing is crucial to promote apps nowadays on social media. I don't want to say more but wait for more quality video and good audio coming from us.

## App Design UI/UX

Something that I keep doing this is to have a good UI. With iPad Pro, I will sketch down the idea with some good fidelity to have the good result.

Alright that's for now for 2018 forecast write up. There is still a lot to learn and to capture market by bringing good value to the world.

Peace out.

Thanks 2017!

2017 is a best year so far for us at iReka Soft. Although it's a mix between up and down but overall and revenue wise it's still some of the best year.

Here are some highlight:

- Expense App released early this year, iterated throughout the year with Apple Watch app and iPhone X support.
- FaceClock Analogue continuous improvement.
- various cool iOS projects
- Android project, however I decided will close shop for Android development. Will collaborate with other developer for Android development. I will focus on iOS development.
- Teaching Laravel course to MAMPU
- MyHolidays app for iPhone and iPad with 2018 data.

And also some stuff happened in 2017:

- Taught iOS for 2 classes with DevCon in Magic, Cyberjaya.
- Collaboration with REKA, Xfero and Etikaf.
- Strengthen developer community in Cyberjaya.

Courses that I have attended:

- Design Code 2
- ARKit Course
- WWDC17 (videos)

In summary:

In mobile development, the competition is worldwide and it's huge. Although the development and publishing become easier, but to have the quality on the bar it's a challenge. iOS has the platform that is more controllable in terms of quality, therefore I will go from iOS to another platform step-by-step. It's not to mention Android has more user base but it's also super fragmented and hard to cater all of the devices. So I will go deep and deeper with iOS development and content creation.

With collaboration around my logistic, it's clear that having more right people can make the development for client can be less painful.

I am so grateful for this year of 2017, it's something that I have the result from what I have built for the past couple years and also paving ways for the next years to come.

Thanks 2017. I will end this year by chill out with family.

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm Nike+

The full name is quite mouthful.

This is my first Apple Watch ever in my life. I have it for around in less than 24 hours. I am excited to using it.

Continue from last post, I bought it at C-Zone, and the tempered glass in Telstar in 1st Floor.

I did activate the watch on the go when I reaching to the parking spot.

With the help of W2 chip, it helps detect iPhone when it's nearby. On the iPhone a menu to connect with Apple Watch was appeared on my phone.

Then on the phone I have to scan some code on the watch. From there the syncing has started. It took about 10-15 to have initial setup with iPhone.

Of course I play around with the watch and the apps. Here are some thoughts:

- Watch Face, with Nike edition, we have extra special Nike watchfaces analog and digital. And with others options of watchfaces, we can slides to more than 10 watchface options that suit yourself on that time. For example when you feel like more active, use the Nike watchface with health related complication. When you on funny mood, use Mickey watchface.

The Apple Watch's screen is turn off when it's idle mode. When we turn the watch into ourself, the watch will turn on for about 15 secs.

- iPhone photo shutter app, it's convenience to take picture with phone. It's cool.

- GoPro, quite hard to use because, iPhone need to connect with GoPro wifi first then activate the app.

And of course I already tried to debug my app on this watch as well.

OK. Will catch you later.

Tuesday 12 December 2017

Completed the Ecosystem with Apple Watch

Today I went to IOI City Mall, looked for not only an Apple Watch, but also its screen protector or something like tempered glass for the watch. For your information, shops like Machines, Harvey Norman, All IT and C-Zones don't sell tampered glass for smartwatch. I found smartwatch tempered glass at a specialist shop (not gerai) on casing and accessories. It's the same level with C-Zones.

I will not buy an Apple Watch if I did not find a screen protector. Because the Apple Watch is too expensive to wear naked. And by founding it, I purchase my Space Gray Apple Watch 42mm Nike+ at C-Zones, then go to the accessory shop which is the same level. And that is it, in 12/12/2017 I completed the whole Apple Space Gray 2017 Collection.

Speaking of 12/12, there is actually an online sales in some retailers online shop such as Switch and Machines. In addition, Lazada also has its own Apple section, and Lazada has became an authorized Apple reseller now. In conjunction with 12/12 online revolution, Lazada also offer some sales on various of products including Apple products. I actually ordered an Beats X, blue one. Black version already sold out. It priced at RM480 from normal RM600. Well the earphone also complete the whole experience of mobile technology.

You know this year, the technological improvement is quite massive. And, as I turned 30 on this year 2017, it's making that I have ready for years coming for mobile app development. The software that I will build will need to support these latest devices. So it's an investment generally for my business. And sometime I can call this kind of business is lifestyle business. Solving lifestyle problem and hopefully many people has this kind of problem that need some great solution for that.

I wrap it up with, to thanks to Allah for rezeki given and families member that have been support me until now. See you on the next post.

Friday 8 December 2017

Hello December

Hi December 2017. Datang juga kamu untuk tahun ini. Kejap je masa berlalu dari awal tahun 2017 tup tup dah nak penghujung 2017. Ape pun nak habaq 2017 memang awesome.

Kawe ready sokmo nak start 2018 nanti. Benda nak fokus pun lebih padu, maksudnya lebih spesifik.

Update sekarang, tengah belajar ARKit guna SceneKit. Kalau nak tahu ARKit tu adalah framework Apple sediakan untuk develop augmented reality. Phone pun kena power juga nak run ARKit ni. Ape pun ARKit memange awesome juga. Dia bukan sahaja untuk hiburan atau hype semata-mata, tapi boleh dijadikan sebagai utiliti juga tau. Contoh app macam Measure Kit app. Boleh ukur benda dalam dunia nyata.

Ape pun jangan berhenti untuk belajar benda baru dan lebih advance. At the same time juga, saya ada masuk course Code Design by Meng To. Itu juga bagus dalam memperhalusi seni reka graphic untuk mobile app. Bukan main tembak sembarangan je. Lagi-lagi kalau kerja indipendant ni, kena belajar dengan orang yang lebih hebat, dan mereka tu memang lebih banyak bekerja dengan pelbagai lapisan client.

Alrite, bertemu di post seterusnya. Btw, saya ada juga start YouTube channel bernama Hijazi Tech, untuk saya kongsikan some tech, unboxing or review. Stay tune.