Friday 17 February 2017

Yo February!

It's has been a hectic month for me, personally. I pray for the best on his journey for the next life.

And yes, we all will go to the next life too. Don't worry.

Anyway, we somehow also fall in love with this world and the tech around us. Us not excepted, we are still and keep loving to develop mobile apps.

This month I have released ExpenseApp 1.0 -> now 1.0.2 with bug fixes and as bonus the widget. It's really awesome, I use it personally to track my spending. It has Dropbox integration which can make your records directly exported to Dropbox's app folder.

Download App

Another than that, I've been busy for rivil app for 1.1 version. It's a roadtrip app that show interesting places from point A to B.

Now I will add login features and all related to the accounts. Integrating with the back-end and also updating the UI.

Till next time. Happy Apping.