Monday 29 February 2016

SneakPeek - iReka Soft 2016 Website

Year after year, our business has been becoming clearer about what we are doing, who we are and most importantly what our business mainly about. What is the important products for us, and we want to relect it on our very own website.

Here is the black & white home page.

1. Header
2. Hero - what product you want to hightlight
3. Another important products.
4. Link to full products
5. Link To Social Media
6. Mailing List
7. Footer

* bold: Important for most websites.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

TryDesign - Lonely Planet's Guide App

Recently I heard Lonely Planet released a new app, and it's being featured in the App Store. The icon looks attractive that intrigued me to try on that design.

The top is the original icon. Very simple yet, attractive. Looks like newspaper icon. The base is simple, rounded rectangle with some subtle shaddow. Then, we include the city picture into the guide. Next, put the logo.

On Sketch, how did I make the logo. Create an oval then cut the middle by having a rectangle. The way Sketch works is by using edit the shape then cut the unwanted selection. Prior to that we have to add some anchor points inside the oval.

Final result. Look at the 'city picture', it looks simple rectangulars with some shades. 

Friday 5 February 2016

TryDesign - Toggl Mobile Web Blog View

It is nothing can replace your time to browsing Facebook feed. And to click one of those links about software development. So I bumped into a nice article about sofware development compared to development of cars.

What I intrigue about was, the design on my mobile is beautiful. So without further a ado, I open back on my desktop and inspect what type of the font used. The answer is 'Open sans', it looks good on mobile.

Furthermore, I redrawn using Sketch to get the feel of overall look of the mobile site. It's actually responsive website.

Here is the final export. However the color looks off, maybe because of exporting to JPG.