Saturday 15 September 2018

Apple Special Event September 2018

Everyone knows it, Apple just announced iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XRNot to forgot new Apple Watch Series 4. And we are kind of excited.

This year is the S cycle release, so it's not the external upgrade but more into the inside the phone. On the top of that Apple make bigger phones. XS Max and XR. Well, why Max, because XR is bigger than XS. So it might get confused if the name is Plus because XR is bigger too.

XR is a lower entry to iPhone this year, it starts from $USD749, which is higher than entry model last year. XR is actually a phablet just like XS Max. But the display quality is lower than Max.

Many you can find all the details of those phones, but I don't want to talk about that, I want to discuss what Apple has done in the long run.

Well, next year will be the year of the phablet, as the entry phone is the phablet. So apps should to somehow give an advantage to phablet users. Especially app that supports horizontal mode. It has more screen real estate and should give some additional panel for more convenience.

It shows us that Apple also updates constantly starting from the chip that powers the phone. A12 Bionic.

We should make a table:

2018 -> A12 Bionic
2019 -> A13
2020 -> A14
2021 -> A15
2022 -> A16

Since 2017, A11 also have 'Bionic' moniker. It represents the effort of making chip have neural network for machine learning which gives an advantage for AI processing. It's also true for this year and will be more on years to come.

There are many things that AI can be used, but more intensively is on image processing, especially when using Face ID. Next is usage for Augmented Reality. Having a good processor make the Face ID and AR better.

Not to be forgotten TrueDepth sensor which enables Face ID secure lock for phone and also can be used inside-app for authentication. In addition, it has more utility than a fingerprint sensor, it can be used for selfie photography to make portrait mode, animoji, precise face AR and more.

If we were Apple after this release, we will definitely restlessly think about the execution for the next year's devices. 2019 September what will we announce? iPhone 11? Right. What will the next iPhone happen? Well, I think will be similar to this year. iPhone 7 will be phased out, new updated XI R, XI, and XI Max. Using A13 Bionic.

Well, what can I think Apple can make the bezel smaller than this year with the new external design. They have to do it because it's XI ( 11 ). Apple has to make it sexier especially the XR line. Upgrade the internal power off course, the better camera of course with the power of the chip, better photography experience, reaching the power of DSLR. Base 64GB still remains I think.

By the way, this year's Apple Watch Series 4 is dashing and will have the looks for many years to come at least 2-3 years.

The power of Apple is innovation, and the innovation is not coming for 1-2 years, what Apple has now it the effort since more than 11-12 year for iPhone, yet iPhone has won commercially even at the early years.

Even the iPhone prices are up. We understand that with the power maturity, many people can keep their iPhones longer than the older generation. Yet Apple keeps pushing to make better phone every year. If your look this pattern before the iPhone, nobody does this. Having this yearly improvement is the killer factor that makes Apple keep going and going even bigger.

And the business that they make is about trillion dollar valuation. And the business is sexy. Make popular stuff, get into the popular culture, trendy and cool.

Deep into that also Apple go into education and care about people with less accessibility. And also clean energy and privacy.

Good or bad about Apple, they just keep making lots of money and make themselves super prosperous.

And that leaves a thinking of what we really can learn from them.

Till on the next thinking, see you.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Hello September 2018 - Apple Event, Swift and React Native

Hey it's September of 2018 and it's pretty exciting month of Apple Events which will unveil the next generation of iPhone.

iPhone is the mother of all modern smartphone this decade, whatever Apple will throw next will be a significant update to the smartphone lineups.

As a bunch of software people at iReka Soft, at MaGIC, and around Cyberjaya, we are looking forward the next generation of hardware that enable us to do more in the future.

Swift - it's a beautiful language; clean, modern, simplified. We make the Swift development more flatter by having all the controllers into a single file and it does looks dang. Easy to look on the bird-eyes view on what the scale of the project.

React Native - development with React Native is awesome. It's getting better. More integration with Redux and the UI. The technology came from the web now empowered mobile development, underlying by an amazing technology that renders into native component for each platforms.

Facebook use a lot React Native technologies in their products; Facebook's Marketplace, screens inside Instagram and many more.

Using React Native make the development faster and it's also cross-platform which you can build for iOS and Android with same code base.

For doing rapid development, we will use React Native, focus more into the business logic, get things done faster, more efficient, get things done, change one, all change. The challenge on the deployment and how do we will find issues on some platform or even specific device as Android has so many freaking devices. It's the QA jobs to reporting what works on what, still a though job.

Alright, that's for now, we will get back after the Apple Special Event that will be held on 1am 14th of Sept, Malaysia time.

Peace out.