Tuesday 11 September 2018

Hello September 2018 - Apple Event, Swift and React Native

Hey it's September of 2018 and it's pretty exciting month of Apple Events which will unveil the next generation of iPhone.

iPhone is the mother of all modern smartphone this decade, whatever Apple will throw next will be a significant update to the smartphone lineups.

As a bunch of software people at iReka Soft, at MaGIC, and around Cyberjaya, we are looking forward the next generation of hardware that enable us to do more in the future.

Swift - it's a beautiful language; clean, modern, simplified. We make the Swift development more flatter by having all the controllers into a single file and it does looks dang. Easy to look on the bird-eyes view on what the scale of the project.

React Native - development with React Native is awesome. It's getting better. More integration with Redux and the UI. The technology came from the web now empowered mobile development, underlying by an amazing technology that renders into native component for each platforms.

Facebook use a lot React Native technologies in their products; Facebook's Marketplace, screens inside Instagram and many more.

Using React Native make the development faster and it's also cross-platform which you can build for iOS and Android with same code base.

For doing rapid development, we will use React Native, focus more into the business logic, get things done faster, more efficient, get things done, change one, all change. The challenge on the deployment and how do we will find issues on some platform or even specific device as Android has so many freaking devices. It's the QA jobs to reporting what works on what, still a though job.

Alright, that's for now, we will get back after the Apple Special Event that will be held on 1am 14th of Sept, Malaysia time.

Peace out.

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