Tuesday 2 July 2019

Q3 H2 2019

Within a month ago, we had WWDC 2019 and it was bringing excitement toward new technologies Apple to offers to end consumer and to the developers.

I was concentrated for a while on the SwiftUI tech but found some roadblocks into making stuff working as a complete app. So I am eagerly waiting to learn from any course later the quarter.

So after going into iOS development for a while, I was building up the momentum to keep improving current iOS apps. For example Expense App, I made the free version just for people to test out the software before they decide to purchase it.

FaceClock, slight update of making a widget. And the shortcut to open the app. Simple stuff.

I also did App Store apps cleaning. Where I removed some of not so performing apps on the App Store.

On the next app I am working on is on the journal + calendar app which i am being living on with it. It was helpful to track your activities through out the day. And nicely stored as a part in a calendar.

Yeah, I just wish to make the app work flawlessly like native apps by Apple such as Note app.

Other stuff on the experiment is the ExpenseApp as an iPad app and also recently tried out to build for macOS as well. It's a pretty exciting tech as it's just a simple step to make an existing iOS app just work as macOS app. However, I found several oddities some of them are easy to fix but some also seem hard. I don't like to mess around with the libraries which cause some UI problems.

Some function looks like will not working on macOS like export integration to Dropbox directly.

Overall it feels the app inside the simulator. But it can be resized. So the app has to be dynamically relayout every time the user resize the app.

For the servicing work, I dug deeper into chat app. The API, web push integration and also the mobile front end. So what's new is having a timestamp of when the user's last seen on a particular chatbox. This will help the system put an indicator of the room is any newer messages are coming in.

I think the improvement will help admin user who will get the web notification to open the chat rooms page and identified the newest messages coming in without to guessing so much or try and error.

Nevertherless I feel there is more to imporove later like to sort the chatrooms based on the latest messages coming in.

Chat app was build with Laravel framework.

Other thing I did was to deploy a node-js (express app) with a socket.io implemented to test out a react native app. So it was having problem with CORS which prevent a front end to properly connect with the client.

So that's was it the story which happen last month.

Ok, have a nice day!