Wednesday 11 August 2021

Orderla's New Form Type : Cart-based

We are happy to introduce you a brand new type of Orderla Form: Cart-based.

It might seems obvious, but Orderla just started as a small ordering system that allows customer to select and submit the order. 

We could not have advance add-on or put remarks on each of the selected items. 

It is still the limitation of the Select-and-Go form type. However it's super simple to start with.

In this times, we have a lot of F&B based merchant who are using Orderla. But they want more flexibility when choosing product. 

Thus we have to think about making adjustment or make a new type. So we chose the second. 

We still keep the original version but for the cart-based it's an option for Pro plan.

So by having this option hopefully can help more people in F&B line to sell on Orderla platform.