Monday 27 March 2017

Aussie Apps

March 2017 is an exiting month for me. I had a chance to visit Australia in this month, and it's an incredible trip.

From business perspective to personal feeling I had a good time travel to the kangaroo's country. I flew from KLIA2 to Melbourne then had road trip to Sydney and flew back to KLIA2.

Of course, smartphone and apps, and off course internet connection changed how we travel and communicate on the go. As a app enthusiast let talk more on what tech we use while traveling.

WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an essential app ever for a smartphone. Not only we can communicate with anyone who has smartphone but also with group of people with the same interest. In this case, people who are in the same trip.

It helps a lot. When the tour leader want to announce the plan everyday for the tours. Of course we will have pre-plan for the trip, but things change, get feedback from participant and sometime plan has to change. So other than direct announcement, leader use WhatsApp to inform the latest to everybody.

Google Maps. It's a super useful mapping app and navigation. In addition it support public transportation as well. Offline maps. Download the maps, then you can go anywhere without roaming charge.

Here are some other local apps:

PT App. Use for public transportation for Melbourne city.

Opal App. Use for public transportation in Sydney. It shows the credit for the Opal card.

Taronga Zoo. App for discovering the zoo.