Wednesday 15 September 2021

Maturing the Platform

Orderla has been on business already for more 1 year and half.

We have good tractions from micro, small and medium enterprises in Malaysia. And still grew the market ever since.

However as technological product and service. We faced some internet / technical challenge so far, and quite tough actually when the customers are keep complaining and reports on the support group.

Fortunately, we did go through the challenge fairly well after researching, try and error, seeking advices from our circle. I would emphasize how much circle is important in bringing the right knowledge to solve your problem.

So what was the problems: 

Not Optimizing the Database

Sometime the basic thing, we didn’t realized how much important it is when the database got bigger and not optimizing properly could lead a significant slowdown when fetching the data.

Optimize & Protect Your Base

As a services provided from cloud, we have to know the operational of the cloud / server. 

What we buy from the cloud provider not necessarily what we use. For example when we buy a X GB of RAM, or Y Core of processors, it’s not necessarily we use it. So we actually have to configure our server to make use the resources that we are actually paying for. 

Moreover we also need to protect it from being attacked from the outsider. At least know the basic good practice when managing the server.

Other that, there is another layer, for example from DNS standpoint, that we can protect it via firewall. Not only need to connect with the protection service but actually to enable the right configuration so that it would working properly. And also need to monitor if any regression happened along the way. 

Solving the Issues

Sometime people called it technical debt, even you don’t realize it, when you don’t do it right at first, it doesn’t break anything. But when the situation is on the peak, the issues has been escalated so bad that your customers keep reporting to you and give bad reviews. 

So what I can say here is be careful, realize is anything that is vulnerable that could harm your system. 

Sometime we could be in denial syndrome, saying that it was intermittent or using some not solid reason as an excuse. 

Keep learning, seek advice from experts, treat them right. It’s especially from your circle where you can trust to seek help. 

Slowly, we could find the problems on our side and slowly fixed the issue until we receive no more reports and even praise from our customers.

Moving Forward

Building technological services is really about knowing your tech stack.

Tech stack is not build in matter of days, it took years. Many years to master your subject. When we master it, we can build something faster. Evolve, and do some breakthrough along the way. That’s what the competitive advantage that we have in this scene. 

And lastly just want to say that we are always motivated to build what people want, and of course more motivated when people are willing to pay, better pay more on certain things that we build that could help them in solving their problems.