Friday 8 April 2016

iReka as Mobile Services

This our promotion right now. We offer mobile app development for your business at an affordable price. We understand that business people want the benifit of having mobile apps not the technologies. We will leverage the technology costs by having more people on board to share the app development costs.

It only gets better time to time. When people start using it, we will have a lot of work to make it run smoothly.

At start we offer AppBiz for Android. We will also provide the app back-end where app admin can logged in and manage the content of the apps.

Well, what so different with website you may ask, which if you have already mobile friendly. Mobile app specifically is offline-ready. Unlike web, we need a constant data to access to the information, by having the app, the data is cached, and user will see the last data they have accessed. It's not only faster loading, but also important when the data needed when there is no internet connection. The important data we store on the app are : contact information, events, photos etc.

Another important feature is push notification for the app. And it's tightly integrated to app's messanging or news system. Admin can send push notifications for the latest news or app support. What benefit the customers are they will have the latest news from your business, and have the proper Call to Action for the right link. Well, this is another marketing channel besides SMS or email which equally important.

Admin can control this on the admin panel on the web, which has the control about the information to show on the app. This part is on heavy development iteration, where we have to think how to scale up to support multi-clients with multi-apps with multi-platform. It's really how hard to think about the technical difficulties that we have to solve.

But to make it clear, for our clients, you can login to admin website, and you can see the core features that avalaible to you now.

And we hope we got the great drive to deliver the best for our clients and customers.

p/s: We love to have early adopter because we usually give more support, and some special help like to make marketing banner for the apps.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Android Development

Currently we are working on a news app. We pull the data from the server. So there is of iteration to make the app run more stable and faster.

• make the page view avalaible for 3 pages
• reduce API call
• save the JSON file.

It's important to know how to debug, and fine where is error in the code.