Friday 27 May 2016

Service vs Promotional Push

Not all push messages are created equal. It’s important to know the difference so you can send the right type.

There are two main categories of push messages – service and promotional.
Service push messages refer to ones that communicate real time, one-to-one information that is necessary to use your products or services or to notify customers of a change in process status. These could be anything from account balance notifications to package delivery status updates. In many cases, customers can even reply to share or confirm information.

Promotional push messages have a different purpose. They are used to promote your products or services. They include any kind of sales or marketing messages, like discount notifcations, digital coupons or promo codes. These are massively sent.

This distinction is important. Research has shown that your users are far more open to receiving service push messages. After all, one of the main reasons they use your app is to get information quicker or a better service. With service messages you are helping them do so.

On the other hand, your users are more likely to get annoyed by promotional push messages. This is especially true when the messages are unsolicited.
That means if you care about user retention, you want to focus on sending service push messages. You want to provide your users with valuable, timely information. That way you can help your users and build trust in your app, instead of bombarding them with promotions and sales. 

The important of push notification.

Imagine you own a business and need to communicate with your customers. They could be patients at a hospital, so you hire a receptionist. Or they could be clients at a bank, and you hire a teller. Either way, that person is the voice of your business.

That person talks to your customers all day long. These interactions are extremely important. If handled correctly, you can win customers for life. Otherwise, you could lose customers quickly. 
But you can’t directly control these interactions. You’re not always there to hear them. And you certainly can’t record everything or know what was said and to whom.

Now imagine your business has a mobile app, and you need to communicate with your customers. Push messaging is how you do it. 
Push messages are like a digital receptionist or a digital teller. They are the voice of your app, and they can lead the conversation with your customers. Just like a bank teller can ask your customer if they are interested in seeing transactions, so too can your app. Or like a receptionist, they can ask a patient to confirm an appointment.

The difference is that you can control push messages. You choose what to say, when you say it, and to whom you say it. You can also keep track of all of these individual conversations you have with your customers. Then you can optimize to best serve your customers. But just because your customers are moving to mobile, doesn’t mean they will auto- matically use your app. Their phones are crowded. The average person has about 65 apps on their device. That means your app is easy to forget. 

It is the most effective way to reach the consumers who downloaded your app but either have not yet opened it or are not using it when you send them a message.

Whether you are ready for it or not, your customers are moving to mobile. After all, the average person spends nearly 140 minutes on their phone every day. That’s how they want to interact with your business. the ways to do that is through onetoone service push messages.

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Entrepreneurship Journey

I am an enabler, finding how thing can be done technically. And I also networker, finding and know people that can possibly work on something.

But what trully what an entrepreneur should possibly do? I have read from senior entrepreneurs' guru, said that an entrepreneur should do is to grow the business, see the big picture, see the potential of where it should go. Then with leadership, lead himself and the team toward the vision, mission and objectinve. With charismatic personality could tell investor, clients and customer to understand what they offer, what they can give benifit to people them, and also sell the idea (read: communication). And also to have strategic plan for integrated marketing, to make sure many people can heard the idea or products, thus make them to reach the business. And not to be forgotten about how strategically to build brands.

Entrepreneurship is ultimately about making money. Because without it, entreprenuer will go back to work for someone else's vision, mission and objective, to earn money. That's the result of this work.

So running the entrepreneurship journey, is tiring, but somehow rewarding. I learn a lot, for being collaborative with business people, and have chance to join technical circle from many companies.

As enabler, I also learn more and more about technical. How things work. Many of them on the internet, and with vibrant communities many source codes are opened, help to make software easier, faster and better quality. Take classes also help, weather online or offline, it is increase your knowledge and workskill.

And lastly, your drive. Why really you want to do something. Are you inspired. Are you depressed, are you want to change the world, are you want to make lot of money. What is the state of emotion that can drive you to achieve it.

Wheather easy or hard. Making things are our passion. Helping people to solve their problems. Design a better future, for you and me is our dream.

iReka Soft Enterprise