Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Entrepreneurship Journey

I am an enabler, finding how thing can be done technically. And I also networker, finding and know people that can possibly work on something.

But what trully what an entrepreneur should possibly do? I have read from senior entrepreneurs' guru, said that an entrepreneur should do is to grow the business, see the big picture, see the potential of where it should go. Then with leadership, lead himself and the team toward the vision, mission and objectinve. With charismatic personality could tell investor, clients and customer to understand what they offer, what they can give benifit to people them, and also sell the idea (read: communication). And also to have strategic plan for integrated marketing, to make sure many people can heard the idea or products, thus make them to reach the business. And not to be forgotten about how strategically to build brands.

Entrepreneurship is ultimately about making money. Because without it, entreprenuer will go back to work for someone else's vision, mission and objective, to earn money. That's the result of this work.

So running the entrepreneurship journey, is tiring, but somehow rewarding. I learn a lot, for being collaborative with business people, and have chance to join technical circle from many companies.

As enabler, I also learn more and more about technical. How things work. Many of them on the internet, and with vibrant communities many source codes are opened, help to make software easier, faster and better quality. Take classes also help, weather online or offline, it is increase your knowledge and workskill.

And lastly, your drive. Why really you want to do something. Are you inspired. Are you depressed, are you want to change the world, are you want to make lot of money. What is the state of emotion that can drive you to achieve it.

Wheather easy or hard. Making things are our passion. Helping people to solve their problems. Design a better future, for you and me is our dream.

iReka Soft Enterprise

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