Monday 31 October 2016

Using Sketch

I have been using Sketch app since middle of 2014 I think. And it's the tool for digital user interface which I was previously using Adoble Illustrator. Illustrator is still the tool for do complex vector illustration or what not. But for doing the user interface, Sketch is ideal tool.

From Wireframe to Mockup to Production Assets

Yes. You can do it all.

For mobile user interface. To website to. Screenshots.


Many plug-in to extend what Sketch app can do.

Industry Standard

Great companies uses this, and some tutorial and paid course teach about Sketch.

Good Priced

At price of $99. It's a cool price that you can use for long time and also generate some income.


Overall it's a nice and complete solution for designer for digital products.

Sunday 30 October 2016

Ionic 2

It's somewhat real now. I'm onboarding with Ionic 2. It's a hybrid solution for crossplatform app.

It uses Cordova, PhoneGap framework.

Saturday 29 October 2016

Tips-tips Menarik Tentang Website

Walaupun semalam di MaGIC memberikan pitch tentang mobile apps, namun website juga tidak kurang penting nya untuk pengusaha bisnses. Dahulukan dulu website, selepas social media yang free tu.

Invest sikit untuk bina website. Jom kita layan member kita yang tulis posts tentang website dari WebMalaya.

1. Objektif memiliki website

+ Sebagai simbol kepercayaan
+ Profail syarikat bergerak
+ Tempat pengumpulan database
+ Portal kepada staff syarikat
+ Medium menjual yang efektif

Facebook pula adalah salah satu medium sharing yang efektif.

2. Bahagian wajib dalam website
+ Hubungi kami
+ Pakej / produk
+ Tentang kami
+ Blog

3. Fungsi website
+ Integrasi media sosial
+ Galeri gambar kepada pengguna
+ Sales funnel
+ Alat pemasaran yang efektif
Ps : Google adword tidak dapat dijalankan tanpa website.

4. Tips kuasai content marketing
+ Bina satu blog dan post artikel yang berkaitan
+ Beri satu ilmu premium sebagai pertukaran dengan database follower
+ Suap dan jaga mereka sehingga mereka menjadi tribe
Jurnalkan content yang anda karang di fb dan website untuk rujukan follower dan tribe anda. 
Jadikan media sosial sebagai tempat anda mengumpul follower dan jadikan website sebagai tempat rujukan tribe anda. Sebab FB beyond your control.

Kongsikan apa saja ilmu yang anda ada secara percuma.
+ Pilih niche
+ Fokus
+ Konsisten

Friday 28 October 2016

New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Touch Bar located above the keyboard on the new MacBook Pro 2016.

The Touch Bar is a Retina display screen, multi-touch input up to 10-fingers, provides dynamic interface controls for interacting with content on the main screen.

User Interface Designer with Sketch!

Design & Programming For Touch Bar

First and formost we need to userstand the human user interface guideline by Apple. The UI design that we wish to build must align with what Apple intend the Touch Bar supposed to be. Here are the highlight of the list.

• To implement Touch Bar support you need to use NSTouchBar class.

• To design for Touch Bar make it contextual, relevant, use as an extension of the keyboard and trackpad, not as a secondary display. 

• Strive to match the look of the physical keyboard in terms of size and color.

• Avoid use Touch Bar for well-known keyboard shortcuts. It also shouldn't controls that replicate key-based navigation such as page up and page down.

• Reflect the state consistently and accurately if the controls also have on the main screen.

• If there is secondary (or 2nd tier) control needed, make sure it's also on the Touch Bar as well, not on the main screen.

Touch Bar Human User Interface Guideline


Right now we only can see the Mac but will looking forward the future to do something with the Touch Bar next 2 years or so.


We at iReka Soft not only develops mobile apps, but also Mac App as well such a App Icon Resizer (AIR) that help mobile app developers to produce icons for Xcode projects.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

A Look Back to Mobile Apps Business

So far I have been in the software industry is about 6 years, particularly in mobile technology. Previously, I worked at some of pioneer of mobile industry on the town. At the time, the tech is quite rare and the development cost is 'high'. There were no so ubiquitous development people on the industry. People at the university maybe didn't learn about this at the time.

There was the time where things like these are cool. We tried many cool stuff, on games, publication etc. But, if we looking back why those are flop and why some are working out, there is reason why that's happening.

Fast forward, the tech is seems to be everywhere, people can learn at many places online or offline. And students seem comtent with mobile tech development.

Many things can happened in the future.

Recently Galaxy Note 7 was shutted down. A really high profile smartphone maker close it's popular smartphone line. It's a shame after could catch up with iPhone. And actually a market creator for phablet, even Apple create phablet phone as well.

So for us learning the tools is essential. We are not creator of the tools. Google and Apple making those tools. We just really need to learn them. They working hard to make really good platform in the future.

No matter what, users is matters. What people want to download and use is matters.

Build things for the people, for the market and for the demand.


Saturday 1 October 2016

iPhone 7 Price in Malaysia

iPhone 7 will go on sale in Malaysia on 14 October 2016. And the line up and pricing already be known.

iPhone 7 32GB – RM3,199
iPhone 7 128GB – RM3,699
iPhone 7 256GB – RM4,199

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – RM3,799
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM4,299
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – RM4,799

iPhone 6s 32GB - RM2,699.00
iPhone 6s 128GB - RM3,199.00

iPhone 6s plus 32GB - RM3,199.00
iPhone 6s plus 128GB - RM3,699.00

iPhone SE 16GB - RM 1,949.00
iPhone SE 64GB - RM 2,199.00