Saturday 12 February 2022

Precision in Coding

 When we develop a software project we have to be as much precise as possible. 

OK, what kind of stuff we have to be precise?  

1) Features that being used by your users. 

2) The definition that we use in the code.

Let me go more details:

1) Features that being used by your users

As we sometime don’t really know what user want. 

First of all we all need to do some research.

Start small and measure. Before going really massive on deep feature, we have to measure how often people are using the new feature. This give hint of how important the new feature to the users.

When you can see there more and more users new feature, it’s a good sign to further develop the feature and make it as optimized as possible.

2) The definition that we use in the code.

Well this one is goes deep into your code, your table names, variables and so on.

This should give yourself concise meaning of your code. Not only for you to understand now, let think how would you understand your code in 6-12 months in the future. 

Make the variable concise and understandable is a key for precision in coding.

Hopefully this would be helpful in making you become better in software development.