Tuesday 17 October 2017

iPad Pro with iOS 11 and Apple Pencil

I got my hands on iPad Pro with iOS 11, which I am using almost a week now. I have iPads before, namely, iPad 2, iPad 3 (with retina display) and the last one is the iPad mini which I bought in Singapore in 2013 while attending iOS 7 Kitchen. Fast forward this year is 2017 and I have not has interest in new iPad like almost 4 years. Because it’s not that compelling so much to use iPad when you have iPhone, and it’s not so mobile and the capability is almost the same like iPhone, right?

Well that’s is pretty much change with iOS 11. Many productivity features has added into iPad, and many are exclusive for iPad. 

Actually I bought this iPad Pro because of the Pencil, and with the new iPad Pro size of 10.5 and iOS 11, all become more attractive. 

Apps that utilize of the Pencils are: SketchBook, Graphic, Notability and Adobe Draw. I am not an artist but still have skill with penciling. 

On the top of that using this new iPad Pro, I can try out some neat stuff with ARKit. 

And, I found out the iPad Pro is very useful to take note when you learn something on the web or tutorial. Like learning programming, or planning app development.

Till on the next post. iPhone 8 / 8 Plus is coming to Malaysia this 20th October.

iPhone 8 64GB ( RM 3,649 )
iPhone 8 256GB ( RM 4,399 )

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB ( RM 4,149 )
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB ( RM 4,899 )

Meanwhile iPhone X (ten)’s price also known on the Apple website for Malaysian market, but yet to know when there are available.

iPhone X 64GB ( RM 5,149 )
iPhone X 256GB ( RM 5,899 )


For comparison to older iPhones.

iPhone 7 32GB ( RM 2,749 )
iPhone 7 128GB ( RM 3,249 )

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ( RM 3,349 )
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB ( RM 3,849 )