Tuesday 12 June 2018

Hello June

Hey, it's already

And it's month of QS's 3-year-old birthday. How fast time goes, and she is an awesome kiddo. Many Japanese language words she can speak now, of course with Malay and English as well.

Alright, as many know this month is the month for Apple's WWDC. I was held on 4-8 of June and I think it was pretty awesome. I see the live videos as well as recorded videos with WWDC apps on iOS and also WWDC desktop app.

Many of this can learn from WWDC, either for designing, planning or developing.

I am also in the midst of finishing a Sketch design for wireframe. And I think it's becoming harder now as the system is now what I am familiar with and need some extended research to complete it hopefully I can be more focused to finished it.

On iOS 12, no new design was introduced, more into OS refinement and more humanity. Cool features for iPhone X, especially #memoji.

macOS, will have dark mode. And the other cool thing for macOS, soon developer be able to write apps based on iOS apps. Technically we can use UIKit to build macOS app, which we can share with iOS app.

That is it for now, see you later.