Sunday 12 January 2020

Tech Stack for 2020

Tech Stack is something that a person or a company can offer for development.

Right now I am not open into all kind of tech stack that we can serve.

For Business Case:

Mobile App:

• React Native
• iOS (Swift/Objective-C)
• Flutter

Web App:

• Laravel/PHP
• ReactJS
• Bootstrap

A New 2020, A New Decade

Hey guys, it's 2020, and it look and sound awesome. And it's a year that start yet another decade for our life.

First of all, let pay a grateful to Allah for giving us a chance to live in this world. We human are not eternal, and all the live we have and the belongings are rezq from Allah. Let's be grateful, always :)

2020 in my perspective it's a whole decade for me as in Information Technology (IT) industry. 10 years in the industry gave me some the basic training ground to get started in this industry.

To be honest this industry is never been growing this much, and the demand is expected to grow.

For those who want to learn IT / Computer Science / AI, I highly recommend that.

Overall Business Improvement

I am honestly looking forward to bring my business to the next step.

As using the technology as the base. As I am the software engineer. Not only I should think about the tech, I need to do research on the demands and market.

I need make things that can give value to the world. At the same time, I am also have the problem, so that I am solving my own interesting problems, with passion, and also solving other's people problems too.

Innovative & Futuristic 

Innovative things that should I make so that it can be picked up by people and people can amazed with how clever the new solution could be.

I should not just creating the hype but really can help people, with some twist. Hey, that should be the business, part of the marketing, which is at first make people recognize you. Let people know you, then like you, then love you, then become your raving fan.

Back to Basic

Prior 10 years's stint in the industry, I have been an avid fan of tech. Like doing HTML we since I was teenager ( maybe at 13-year-old at that time ) to build a website. Back-then of course I was using some of WYSIWYG tool like FrontPage and Dreamweaver. Those things are short-cut to develop web.

Yes I was into the web things. And then landed into PHP & Flash world.

But then I jumped into mobile app development for a quite long time like 5--7 years now. The first app I build was 'Calc Drill' in 2009 on iPhone 3G. I published the app on 2010, it was picked up in Japanese market because Japanese people like to train their calculation strength.

Now the trend and the business shall going first to the web.

Web technologies nowadays is super cool, I feel it's like an app.

With the core web technology, I have been started servicing clients for Laravel web development since 2019 and will keep continue.

I can say, for business, web is not only become the backbone to support their online presence on the web, but also serve as the backend for mobile app as well.

And the web can be more dynamic and interactive, yet easy to make changes, make the webapp deployed almost at no time, I can also say web is so much important to utilize and master it.

For starter my stack for web development is Laravel/PHP + ReactJS + jQuery + SCSS.

Building an awesome web app has never been this dynamic and better developer experience.

Let's Move Forward

Thinking for the future is what we do everyday. Innovation by the big companies come at the rapid pace. We have to adapt it. The world is very interconnected and with internet everything is at the search result.

So as business owner, utilizing the tech is key for your competitive advantages.

We really want to help business owner to grow their business in 40% by utilizing mobile app and cloud system.

We have the result from which they improve their sales by using mobile apps to get quick order from customers.

We hope to move forward together as a tech partner.