Tuesday 16 October 2018

iPhone XS, XS Plus & XR Price in Malaysia

Early today I got information that the latest Apple smartphone will be released in Malaysia soon.

People can pre-order the phone throught the website starting from 19 October 2018.

The price as below:

iPhone XS 64GB – RM4999
iPhone XS 256GB – RM5699
iPhone XS 512GB – RM6649

iPhone XS Max 64GB – RM5399
iPhone XS Max 256GB – RM6099
iPhone XS Max 512GB – RM7049

iPhone XR 64GB – RM3599
iPhone XR 128GB – RM3849
iPhone XR 256GB – RM4299

Saturday 6 October 2018

Hello October 2018

Hello to the brand new quarter of 2018 Q4, it's the last quarter of the year. Oh yeah.

Last month we had a blast, conducting an event at MaGIC, Cyberjaya, 28 Sept Saturday to be precise, DevCon #5. I teach React Native workshop for the second time.

Well, this year is the year of cross-platform, I do not only started React Native but went deep. In term of design, data, navigation, and integration. And another tool that I learned is Unity with AR. It's another cross-platform tool. 

The demand for mobile apps is unprecedented. However, to get it fast, we have to innovate with the tool that can develop the app faster and can be deployed on currently famous platforms(iOS and Android). 

The learning curve is steep. Let's say I am from native iOS background. I am using the XIB, or Storyboard since the beginning, and then using React Native, there is no GUI. If you don't have a design, you will use your imagination as much as possible. The real pain when you inherit the project and can not visualize what the project can look like. 

To cover up the problem, using the prototyping tool to design and plan the app can help. 

Just like building house need a proper blueprint, it's as much needed on React Native development. Not just to make the app more attractive but also make the continuous understanding of the app for maintenance. 

By having those we can refer how the application goes from one screen to another. 

At the end of the day, we know where should be improved and what we can innovate more to increase usability and effectiveness.

Alright, that is all from me, read on the next post.