Friday 13 December 2019

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So 2019 has come to the end let’s reflect what iReka Soft has done during this year of 2019. 

Let’s list down some projects we have done (aka active revenue). 

1. UX design, hi-fi wireframe. 
2. Marketing app. React Native, Laravel, React, Pusher, real-time chat, Push Notifications. 
3. AR viewing asset loads from the server. Swift, ARKit. 
4. Front end consultation. React native development. 
5. Laravel + react marketing website. 
6. Publishing Unity apps with Vuforia. AR App. 
7. Judge at school
8. Update Google’s Maps SDK. Publishing iOS IoT app. 
9. Webapp hi-fi wireframe. 
10. React native app update to support 64-bit and API handling update. 
11. Laravel webapp with react, design sprint, wireframe, webapp. 
12. Design sprint webapp / system in logistic. Hi-fi wireframe. 

This year is the return of the investment made from last year on 4 things: systematic wireframing, React Native development, leads to Laravel + React, and also deploying to VPS properly with git.

I would like to say thank you to all of our clients. The services hopefully gave a meaningful value to the clients.

Ok, let’s talk about passive revenue. You have to maintain at least yearly to make the apps relevant to the App Store. You know with the new iOS and what not. 

1. Apple App Store, app purchase & in-app purchase. 
2. Google AdMob. Advertising. 

Sunday 1 December 2019

A month Away to 2020

Hello Readers, It's Already December 2019, and it's a month away to 2020.

2020 is poised to be a futuristic year for Malaysia to become a developed nation as 'Wawasan 2020' goes.

And here we are. To be honest nothing has changed so much. But... for the last decade we can see the technological changes to our society. And especilly with the advent of our phone, now become a smartphone, and the things and services that we can use to excelerate or at least help our live better.

10 years ago, in 2009, I was in Japan, while studying Computer Science in Tokyo University of Technology. So at that time I was also celebrating 2010 also in Japan. I just want to reminessance how much changed of 2010 in Japan and now 2019 (moving forwards to 2020) in Malaysia in technological perspective.

Japan is so called highly technological place, where people are, very highly-class minded, where always thinking forward. They just want things get better. And their works ethic are at the absolute best as worker, to produce best things and best customer support. Thus make their economy turns up. They are details oriented, leads to high quality products. And people like that is quite a lot. They like to do quality works, and also deserved quality goods as well.

Things like good-sense, leads to good work. It's their want to have a good sense of the product, and work hard for it. I think it came from good inspiration and good environment. When people get motivated with good quality things, they will also want to product good quality thing as well.

Compared to here Malaysia, we will produce with the inspiration what we had exposed so far. With the help of the internet, we can learn a lot from outside of our country.

And, what I realized is that not many people in Malaysia is going on the nitty gritty of the technology. Poeple would talk about the A-B-C-D things (the cutting-edge technologies) but usually don't goes deep in to learn that so much. 'Business' people who will use the terms to get some projects or grants, and then find some technical people to execute it, but most of the time the technical people would not being compensate as much as business people. This thing can decrease the motivation for many people to become more technical and more business.

While it's not wrong doing the business, which is about the management, finance, HR, admin and so on. In fact, it's quite important, when you are on the business, and want to sustain and grow it. It's rather to be quite important, trust me, and learn more about it.

However, for those who are technical at heart would like to tinker more about the technology. Well this is also depends on how deep the level technical people want to tinker. Maybe in general, more deep, or super deep. This will determind what kind of product that can be produce, or how innovative the products can be. Surely, understanding things can leads innovation.

So back to the comparing 2010 and 2020 ( soon ), in terms of mobile internet, Japan has long time using mobile internet, in 2010 it's already mainstream, with Japanese old-school feature phone. Nowadays it's all iPhone, or Android phone. Japanese uses QR code a lot in 2010, to access mobile site. Now it's become mainstream also in Malaysia, just about everywhere can find QR code.

And also we have a multitude services based on the smartphone apps. Also leads to wannabes.

On this thing, quality apps and good services win. Take look at Grab & foodpanda, those apps that I started used this year. They are reliable, make things done.

The technological advancement for those apps are not the simple, to make it just work in any given time. And the apps is evolved by weekly basis. It's a living apps, it's on improvment and evolving eversince as the business is keep growing rapidly.

I cannot overstate, that we need to maintain the technologies event after we have launched to the public, the services has to be updated in monthly or yearly manner. Man.... 2019 was so fast. But I would say that 2019 is the best year yet so far for our business.

This is because we have open up the other posibilities in our services: websystem devleopment & depoloyment. We can make custome backend sevices to our client. And coupled with mobile apps make the services even better user experience by bringing it to your palm of your hand.

Yes, the possibilities is endless, and we will keep striving in this mobile technological area.