Tuesday 17 July 2018


I cannot stress enough that for client project wireframing is important.

If don't have let's make it have it.

Because we will better to iterate the design before get into app.

Well for me we can oversee the problem and how the usability of the app.

It's okay to delay, and make the wireframe as clear as possible. Make like real app, have different states, condition, show every posible situation that the app can face.

It's better to change now than we have to fuss with the technical when getting into the production.

And most importantly we know that what we will build later on is the right thing.

We don't want to iterate much on the development, because it will cause stress and confusion, and take more time, and sometime anger.

Yeah, design it, wireframe it, know what do you want, and you should want the right thing.

Alright see you next time.

FaceClock Analogue / Pro Support iPhone X

Hey guys,

I think it's worth mentioning that FaceClock Analogue / Pro app now support iPhone X, and also render natively on all iOS devices.

It's quite important because prior to this the app only scale up from iPhone 5 resolution to accomodate iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Well, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was launched in 2014, and supposedly we should update it support natively, but we didn't because as clock utility app, we want to make the clock as large as possible. If we make it native resolution the clock will become small as default.

We of course can work around to make it scale up and what's not. Well the time is now, we do just that, and of course to support beautiful iPhone X screen, to make it full height. We gotta embrace it.

And it's quite stunning, and with the all iPhone in the future will become like iPhone X, it's quite right to do now.

Yeah, feel good about the app. And it's written in Objective-C for strong 8 years since the app inception.

People will always use clock right, and it's evergreen and powerful.

Try your self with FaceClock app.


Tuesday 10 July 2018

It's 10 July, 10 Years of App Store

Hey guys, it's 10th of July today,

I am been working on my own project, step-up from FaceClock apps, still in utilitarian for iPhone app.

And it's also marked recently the birth of App Store for 10th years.

A decade of super successful Apple App Store. It doesn't show any sign of slowing down but getting a speed up with many new and updated quality apps on the store.

The market for the App Store is huge, billions of dollars. But the competition is fierce too. Mostly dominated by games category. Games category is pretty hard to get top of it, usually being conquered by rich developers that can pour big money into marketing.

Other than games segment, normal apps. It's actually ever changing. Some countries have seen the fluctuation of downloads while others have seen still looking for the best apps before they settle.

And for the development side for me, it's very different from 10 years ago. I get started well 9 years ago in 2009 when I have access to Mac at Ikuno Lab ( my university research lab name in Tokyo University of Technology ). However, for me, the language was really foreign. Objective-C from PHP or C is completely different. Hard to pick up language. And the framework is something completely different from web development with PHP that I was accustomed to before.

Not so much reference back than other that some blogs and ebook that can be downloaded.

I think the development back then was complicated and hard. But I kept learning bit-by-bit.

Nowadays, the development tools and new language Swift make it bit less painful. Although Swift keeps changing every year.

And importantly in recent years, there are more open source project and CocoaPods that helps a lot with iOS development. I think it's a boost in iOS development to make it faster and better.

On the top of that, business, they are more business model we can apply for App Store, like recent years can use the subscription for many types of apps.

Alright, that's all for me for today, I continue to develop this app. Hopefully to get into the App Store soon.


Sunday 1 July 2018

Hello July

Well it's July 2018, and it's officially the 2nd Half of 2018, and the 3rd quarter of 2018.

How were your last quarter and half doing?

So I personally think this year was a bit hard since I started learning new technologies such as React Native and Unity. And I think when you are new it's hard to get an industry-grade job. But rather to start with simple and small-scale jobs.

To get into industry-grade jobs, you may need to polish your skills until you get the mastery of able of doing much-unexcepted work that has been asked by clients.

In the other hands, I also learn self-development and business from various sources such as YouTube Channel by Dan Lok, he is very brutal in talking but straight to the point.

Afterall, I love using Sketch for designing, and love design user interface. I keep looking on Dribble or Pinterest to get more inspiration on user interface design.

I also will focus more into iOS development with more depth, I think iOS development is more competitive but also I have to be more creative to capture more attention for my apps.

OK, OK see you on the next post. Bye bye.