Tuesday, 17 July 2018


I cannot stress enough that for client project wireframing is important.

If don't have let's make it have it.

Because we will better to iterate the design before get into app.

Well for me we can oversee the problem and how the usability of the app.

It's okay to delay, and make the wireframe as clear as possible. Make like real app, have different states, condition, show every posible situation that the app can face.

It's better to change now than we have to fuss with the technical when getting into the production.

And most importantly we know that what we will build later on is the right thing.

We don't want to iterate much on the development, because it will cause stress and confusion, and take more time, and sometime anger.

Yeah, design it, wireframe it, know what do you want, and you should want the right thing.

Alright see you next time.

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