Wednesday 12 January 2022

Happy New Year 2022!!!

Happy New Year 2022! From iReka Soft &

It has been 2 years since the first birth of Orderla on the Internet on Jan 2020. 

Orderla started as a simple order form going to WhatsApp, and it was on the stealth mode for few months. 

But on 2020 there was something happen that WhatsApp commerce got some serious attention. Also because of Covid-19, more and more people need an avenue to sell online.

We escalated the development, and open it for free on March 2020.

Later on we develop the paid version which is the Plus version a month later.

It's the first time we learnt about Stripe on top of few other payment gateways like Billplz, Toyyibpay and Senangpay. Moving forward we also add more payment gateways.

We also learnt more about the Telegram integration, how to make a bot. Now we can support 2 type of Telegram bots, inside the group and also one-to-one.

We dive deeper on the ecommerce sector, which is about fulfilment. We learnt about delivery services like : Send Parcel, EasyParcel and Delyva.

We also learn about utilizing Google Maps, create boundaries use specific Google API to get the distance.

Recently we have in the midst of developing mobile app with integration with build-in printer. 

All-in-all for the 2 years journey was a blast and exhilarating. We will use the result of what we have build until today to bring more useful products in the future.