Sunday 3 March 2019

Tech we currently 'In Development'

As for now 2019, here are the tech we currently serving our clients:

React Native

Mobile app framework based on JavaScript that can produce a native app to both iOS and Android platform. What great about this platform is that we can save time and cost developing both platforms in half of the time without sacrificing the quality and the performance as a native app.

Laravel ( + ReactJS)

Having a mobile app alone is not enough without proper back-end infrastructure for business or marketing related app. The app is done siloed, clients want to take control of their app, want to know how many people install it, using it, register with the app.

Therefore we provide service for admin panel and API ( application programming interface ) that can be connected with the mobile app.

We also using ReactJS with Laravel so that the complex user interface can be done inside the Admin page.



That's the core tech that we provide but in special case, we also provide one of these:

iOS Development with Swift

In case of the more in-depth iOS level usage is required we can go deep into iOS platform with native coding with Swift ( and sometime Objective-C ).

We actually into iOS ecosystem and we have wealth experience with Apple ecosystem too.

Unity - Vuforia AR: 

This is for small scale development of Unity for AR using Vuforia SDK. I do publish this kind of apps to for client.

OK, for now that's the technologies we are putting effort into and we can see how many people can benefitted with the technology to help businesses to go online and mobile.

Let's have discussion it we fit to work togetter.

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What iReka currently does now? ( Pre - Development )

It's 3/3, well currently I just want to share what currently we do, what we can help people, business owner for having software either on web or mobile with us.

Let's start with pre-development, it's quite important to do planning before jumping to coding ( because we had too much ). From experience, planning is really help to estimate timeline and pricing.

1. Wireframing

• This subject is really important for making an app or website. Without this, we going to be lost of what kind of development we want to achieve. Even worst, we will be drowning into guestimate what is the progress.

• Make function as visual as possible. By seeing is knowing, it's not in the head. As in engineering: 'drawing is the language of engineering'. Without drawing no engineering at all. In this case, software, without wireframe it's not software at all.

2. App Design

• This is being made alongside with wireframe or after done wireframing.

• We want to put the color palette, more fancy design, and coolness into the app.

• Make the app unique, beautiful and as aesthetically easing.

3. Brand Identity

• This is especially for new businesses. They don't even have the brand's logo, so imaging what to put into the app as the icon or app's element right? It going to be hard or gonna be unshippable.

OK that's it for this time around follow me at @irekasoft on twitter for more updates on this.