Sunday 3 November 2019

UX Design • Laravel / ReactJS • UAT Scripts

Hello readers, it's November 2019.

A bit of reflection for the past month, what's happening inside the business.

More Educational Instagram ( social media ) Posting

We have been updating some of the cool and useful content for general people but specifically for developers & designers alike. Usually the idea came when we facing challenge on our work, and like to teach to more people about the subject in more casual way.

UX Design 

We have been into designing a web-system in ecommerce. Therefore, we have to do lot of researches regarding to this topic. This is especially to gather screenshots from various places of web or apps.

Understanding what's out there, learn and find way to improve something. It's important to understand why is something is build that way. What's are benefits or advantages of something designed in that way. Take those learning into your own UX design as planning for future's development.

In any case, when designing something for the web. We need to have the basis. I mean that we need to have the concrete guideline for designing for the web. For example when designing for web, we need to know how would the web will be build in real. Let say the developer would use Bootstrap 4 framework for responsive style. So as designer we have to get the 'measurements' of fonts, layouts (the 12-lines grid) and so on.

This is because whatever I designed on the Sketch will be backed by the real object. In this case the design of web layout based on Bootstrap 4. So the thing would be doable with default standard. The designed stuff is mostly for planning purpose. We want to care more about the UX, 'what's the flow' (WTF) of the screens. How to get things done, by someone (persona).

Laravel / ReactJS

Along-side with the design, not only layout, the functionalities also must be backed by something real. The functionality of the UX designed app, also being prototype in real technologies. In this case building the web with Laravel / ReactJS or just jQuery.

It's quite time consuming, but it's just solidify the design is doable. So prototyping a bit give a development boost when we ready to move on.

UAT Scripts 

UAT - user acceptance scripts is like the features and unit testing scripts.

We write a note how doing things then what is the expected result. Do we get it right? If yes tick, and give some commentaries.


So in general, we are getting more experienced in development, we know how to build, but we just want to make it as more plannable, and we want to make sure what would we build is what the client's thought. See, building websystem are not WYSIWYG for now. There is system to build system, but we are not into that right now. We are just using the coding method, but before we code, we have to plan ahead, use visual to visualize what the outcome we want to have.

Until next time. Peace.