Sunday 13 November 2016


Dalam banyak-banyak benda dalam software development yang penting adalah Git, source code management. Walaupun buat project kebanyakan seorang sahaja, namun adalah langkah terbaik untuk mengaktifkan git anda dalam folder yang akan dibangunkan.

Memang nak type ayat-ayat cinta git tu leceh nak buka terminal bagai. Jadi pakailah software GUI. Aku pakai SourceTree, memang dari 5 tahun lepas juga lah pakai, sekarang Atlassian kasi update itu tool, sekarang lebih kemas dan lebih mudah faham rasanya.

Sekarang ni project RND, nak kena pakai balik Xcode 7.3, kalau develop kat main machine, ada juga Xcode 8.1, akan berlaku banyak clash, jadi terpaksa install kat MacBook Air, memang dah ada pun, Xcode 7.3 ni tapi Xcode 8 dibuang sementara.

Jadi macam mana nak sync antara dua komputer ni dengan satu project. You see ada perkataan sync di situ. Kalau guna dropbox memang lah mudah automated. TAPI, tau ke macam mana automated tu function?

Kena fikir tu sebab nak buat aplikasi boleh sync, jadi kena fikir-fikirkan.

Ok, balik kepada git, aku pakai git kat main machine (MBP retina) upload/commit/push kat remote repo. Lepas tu kat MBA clone sahaja lah. Lepas tu kalau apa-apa update just commit and push ke remote server.

Since kat MBP ni tak ada functionate sangat untuk edit source code, cuma nak latest code base sahaja jadi kita rebase sahaja kepada latest commit. Takan ada conflict or anything lah, just rebase sahaja.

Menarik juga pakai git ni. Selain boleh elakan kejadian kerosakan kod, kehilangan kod, kot kot baik anda berjaga-jaga.

Memang tengah-tengah experiment itu ini, kadang-kadang perlu undo-undo. Tapi undo-undo ni ada limitnya. Dengan menggunakan git kita boleh discard sahaja file tu. Multiple files pun boleh.

Tapi kuncinya kena selalu commit dan push ke server lah. Itu pun nak kena bagi tau ke. Hahaha.

OK. Kalau apa-apa boleh check-out, ada aku update kan guide-guide yang bagus untuk kau belajar sedikit sebanyak pasal mobile apps coding ni. Susah sebenarnya, tu lah kena tulis supaya aku pun boleh hadam sedikit sebanyak.

OK. Check out next time. Kalau ada apa-apa soalan boleh berhubung terus dengan aku, nak tanya web ke app android or iOS. Tapi kena bayar lah. Haha.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Software Architect

Usually software is a solutions for certain problems. Nowadays software is not only can be used locally on a machine but also work on the cloud as subsciption basis. Software is important piece of technology that drives the nation forward.

Now, people want to create a software to solve problem and of course making money, which is good. But people sometime don't understand the process and the steps required to make software, which is bad. And people think with just idea, and some sketch they can might a great software build for them from a software developer.

No you are wrong. But in small cases you might get lucky.

Software for people is what they can see on the screen. Which is the visual design / user interface.

What software can make people feel is the user experience design.

Visual design is usally done by graphic designer. A good graphic designer understand the concept of the platform they want to build, they have experience on various of available software and they can emulate it to become good software.

So here come the software architect. From Wiki, software architect is a software expert who makes high-level design choices and dictates technical standards, including coding standards, tools and platforms.

Usually software architect don't do the visual design, they deal with technical stack. But they might need to use UML, graph, model, structure diagrams or so. It can be a tough job.

iReka Soft Software Architect

Here is what we want to define Software Architect as for ourselves. We are small team, and the projects are not humungous. So Software Architect term to my mind to suit the business what it should do for smaller software development.

The deliverable of software architect is not yet the final product or software but a documents with visual designs, architecture, diagrams and specifications.

iReka Soft Software Architect should combine visual design and software architecture.

Which means he/she can do the concept of the software in visual perspective with using the right user interface for particular platform.

He knows what to looking for for a particular solutions, mark it as a module. And how other modules can be interacts. 

Why We need to have Software Architect

The whole idea of having a software architect is for plan. It's so intimidating to jump right into the development, but yes when we get older and more experience, we know sometime the development can be just done, but of course there are a lot more stuff we haven't yet done, but we know where to find it. So by having proper plan, master plan we hope that it will not make the development stuck in the middle of development. Which meetings can be a cure; putting more ideas and changes, thus sometime make the software development ineffective.

Having too much plan is not good as well, but having too little plan is also not good.

So we need to having a good balance of planning of software. It's true on our own software development and also for clients.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

Hello November!

November is a special month, not only because it is my birthday month, but also for this blog it has been keep updated regularly from a year ago from 2015 November. I was keeping this blog fresh at the very least every month has new content. And probably not the best content on earth to write but it is there online. Just keep the momentum going and going.

This blog is professionally, my own personal thinking about working on a iReka Soft business, which we do fundementally mobile apps on iOS. It also spread into Android apps. And website on Wordpress and some Laravel, with PHP programming.

And not the least is about marketing, building brand, business and what not.

You can track down what was happened right for the past one year, every month what has changes. And I think it was an awesome improvement from time to time.

And besides having this go-to blog, blogspot is free and might be can be eternal (whoa.. because it's free no need for maintainace, will have longer longevity), I do make more code related blog at, it's all about the engineering and technical. It's crazy for world of blogging technology / programming, things are always changing. Recently Swift. Swift 1, 2 and 3 are not compatible with each others.  To journal this programming, we need to declare what type of Swift we are telling you about. So reader can keep reading or skip the tutorial.

And there are plenty of tutorial sites out there that explain every single thing. But, for me I kind of bored to read all the right up, what i am looking is the code. I try to understand within the range of code. If there is function, the function should be known for itself, or have a description of what the function does and what it returns.

Yeah, blogging can be a subproduct of what we are developing at iReka Soft. Some of them are purely experiments or research, that never see day of light to be published or released on the app store as app but atleast it can be shared on the blog so we (you and I) can have some benifit from the knowledge.

And it keep changing, updating so fast. What we try to do is to summarize what we have found good / relevant on the internet so at least can be a quick reference to develop apps.

Some posts are like incomplete without proper explanation at first, but I will add later on if the subject has update or so.

So, that's about it, it's November, it's cool. Almost the end of 2016. #bestrong #entrepreneurlife