Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Completed the Ecosystem with Apple Watch

Today I went to IOI City Mall, looked for not only an Apple Watch, but also its screen protector or something like tempered glass for the watch. For your information, shops like Machines, Harvey Norman, All IT and C-Zones don't sell tampered glass for smartwatch. I found smartwatch tempered glass at a specialist shop (not gerai) on casing and accessories. It's the same level with C-Zones.

I will not buy an Apple Watch if I did not find a screen protector. Because the Apple Watch is too expensive to wear naked. And by founding it, I purchase my Space Gray Apple Watch 42mm Nike+ at C-Zones, then go to the accessory shop which is the same level. And that is it, in 12/12/2017 I completed the whole Apple Space Gray 2017 Collection.

Speaking of 12/12, there is actually an online sales in some retailers online shop such as Switch and Machines. In addition, Lazada also has its own Apple section, and Lazada has became an authorized Apple reseller now. In conjunction with 12/12 online revolution, Lazada also offer some sales on various of products including Apple products. I actually ordered an Beats X, blue one. Black version already sold out. It priced at RM480 from normal RM600. Well the earphone also complete the whole experience of mobile technology.

You know this year, the technological improvement is quite massive. And, as I turned 30 on this year 2017, it's making that I have ready for years coming for mobile app development. The software that I will build will need to support these latest devices. So it's an investment generally for my business. And sometime I can call this kind of business is lifestyle business. Solving lifestyle problem and hopefully many people has this kind of problem that need some great solution for that.

I wrap it up with, to thanks to Allah for rezeki given and families member that have been support me until now. See you on the next post.

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