Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm Nike+

The full name is quite mouthful.

This is my first Apple Watch ever in my life. I have it for around in less than 24 hours. I am excited to using it.

Continue from last post, I bought it at C-Zone, and the tempered glass in Telstar in 1st Floor.

I did activate the watch on the go when I reaching to the parking spot.

With the help of W2 chip, it helps detect iPhone when it's nearby. On the iPhone a menu to connect with Apple Watch was appeared on my phone.

Then on the phone I have to scan some code on the watch. From there the syncing has started. It took about 10-15 to have initial setup with iPhone.

Of course I play around with the watch and the apps. Here are some thoughts:

- Watch Face, with Nike edition, we have extra special Nike watchfaces analog and digital. And with others options of watchfaces, we can slides to more than 10 watchface options that suit yourself on that time. For example when you feel like more active, use the Nike watchface with health related complication. When you on funny mood, use Mickey watchface.

The Apple Watch's screen is turn off when it's idle mode. When we turn the watch into ourself, the watch will turn on for about 15 secs.

- iPhone photo shutter app, it's convenience to take picture with phone. It's cool.

- GoPro, quite hard to use because, iPhone need to connect with GoPro wifi first then activate the app.

And of course I already tried to debug my app on this watch as well.

OK. Will catch you later.

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