Saturday, 30 December 2017

Thanks 2017!

2017 is a best year so far for us at iReka Soft. Although it's a mix between up and down but overall and revenue wise it's still some of the best year.

Here are some highlight:

- Expense App released early this year, iterated throughout the year with Apple Watch app and iPhone X support.
- FaceClock Analogue continuous improvement.
- various cool iOS projects
- Android project, however I decided will close shop for Android development. Will collaborate with other developer for Android development. I will focus on iOS development.
- Teaching Laravel course to MAMPU
- MyHolidays app for iPhone and iPad with 2018 data.

And also some stuff happened in 2017:

- Taught iOS for 2 classes with DevCon in Magic, Cyberjaya.
- Collaboration with REKA, Xfero and Etikaf.
- Strengthen developer community in Cyberjaya.

Courses that I have attended:

- Design Code 2
- ARKit Course
- WWDC17 (videos)

In summary:

In mobile development, the competition is worldwide and it's huge. Although the development and publishing become easier, but to have the quality on the bar it's a challenge. iOS has the platform that is more controllable in terms of quality, therefore I will go from iOS to another platform step-by-step. It's not to mention Android has more user base but it's also super fragmented and hard to cater all of the devices. So I will go deep and deeper with iOS development and content creation.

With collaboration around my logistic, it's clear that having more right people can make the development for client can be less painful.

I am so grateful for this year of 2017, it's something that I have the result from what I have built for the past couple years and also paving ways for the next years to come.

Thanks 2017. I will end this year by chill out with family.

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