Thursday 16 July 2020

Developing ReactJS + React Native with Firebase


We as developers at least have encountered tutorials working with Firebase. It's common things now to use Firebase as a backend system for your mobile app or web app.

For me, I haven't been into Firebase so much until this recent time.

I have built a complete app by utilizing many aspects of Firebase.

Here is the summary of what I have done with Firebase:

- Authentication
- Change the user's profile
- Using the real-time database
- Read the nodes and change it into an object or an array.
- Create a node at a specific place.
- Delete a node
- Set a node with specific value. By using set, it will replace other things inside the node.
- Update a node. This will only change specific items on the node.
- Move the node from old to a new place. It was dangerous when add a null object it's actually deleting the node.
- Upload item to cloud storage

.. and so on

Till next time!

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