Tuesday, 22 March 2016

App Dashboard

For traditional development we only put data, information at build time where all of the stuff have to be finalized, properly checked and so on.

By having the dashboard, you have the full control of what your app should show the information on the app, in real time.

This is especially for app that is always directly connected to the network to get the information like tvOS app. Everytime you open the app it will always connected to the server, fetching what the latest feed.

• Push Notifications • App Data • Messages • Users • Analytics • In-App Feedback

And for the other apps, it also important to fetch lates news and information, if the user has the internet. The strong point of having mobile app rather than use the website is to have faster and caching to the latest information on the mobile phone. And if the phone is connected to the internet and we check the metadata first weather the data is latest that the metadata on the phone then only we do fetch and download the whole data. And it's important to check user's in on 3G or Wifi, or even worse signal. We know that if users on bad network it will takes longer time to download the data.

This user experience is related with which network you are connected with. We might to see the implementation for both iOS and Android.

Technically, the dashboard is time consuming and currently there are plenty of company that doing this things as services like Firebase, OneSignal etc. But some how, as whole, some company has some features, and another company has another features. So to have a complete control of the app, and complete solution, the way to do it is build by your own, and perhaps you can hook up the existing service with thier API.

At iReka Soft, we are just in plan to do this, clients are strongly use Wordpress as backend and also thier front-end as website for starter. Wordpress is actually being build to have API hooker so it can be used for app development someday. Doing with Rails is more time do use because the configuration and have complex detail to get start with it.

And lastly, naked PHP is sometime being used for simple API, it's very development stage that only suitable for developers to manage it. For testing, it just fine.

So for the app admin, it's most likely need to have app dashboard to control and manage their apps, and to make sure the operation in control without having too much reliance on the developer. For that, lets see want we can make for you guys.

Mobile Compatible

The UI for most dashboard seems only to support desktop. But to think when you gonna use the dashboard. Most likely when you are on the go. You want to see the analytics, what's going on, you want to make decision on the go. You want to do marketing, email people on the mobile. 

For developer, when on the go, we can't do the development so get the insight of what app is doing is what we are doing. 

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