Thursday 21 July 2016

App Update

Here are some updates from iReka Soft with apps we just published and updated.

Nota Magnet (Android / iOS)

This app is note took from IMKK courses and have some declaration and useful tool. For Android we have implemented push notification, to get latest news and updates. It is also integrated with back-end to get some news.

Muslim Phrases (Android)

Collection of phrases in Arabic for conversation that can be copy paste on messenging apps.

Amazing Places (Android)

Simple app that show amazing places around the world. Data get from our back-end. Integrated with Google Maps, so you can know exactly where is the amazing place that you are looking at.

Guess Emoji (iOS - updated)

This app is developed quite 2 years ago. But just updated because just found the solution for bugs, (critical but on iOS 8 onward) with objc_selection.

Alphabet Flash Card TV (Apple TV)

This is Apple TV app that show words from A to Z, mostly using animals. Also have voice over from synthesizer. It's good for baby to learns words.

Offshore Apps

I think that's it for now, we are also developing apps for physical businesses that are in progress. Stay tune.

21 July 2016

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