Tuesday, 30 June 2020


WWDC2020 has been finished just a few days ago. And the keynote was announced a week ago. 

At the keynote we have learnt a lot about the plan of Apple in the future. 

1. Apple Silicon 

This is the main theme for this WWDC. Moving forward, the biggest product and the most important Apple product, Mac, will be using Apple's own silicon ditching Intel's processors. 

2. iPad Get New Way to 'Type'

With iPadOS 14 users now can scribble with their Apple Pencil to input text. 

3. iPhone get Widget on Homescreen

So this is quite exciting thing for iPhone users. We will get a spice to our iPhone's homescreens. If you don't like it you can make the iPhone as it is. 

I think this is the first time ever we can put other things than the icon on the homescreen, in almost 13 years! 

So here you go, the news on WWDC.

And also we also finally published Orderla Admin app for iOS and Android.

iOS has some issue dealing with subscription which Apple just want it cut. But quick fix is just enable In-App purhchase in the app. By providing per year subscription with expensive price tag, it should be hard to manage if ever people want to buy via Apple In-app purchase.

The link is here : orderla.my/apps

Thanks and stay safe!

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