Sunday 20 June 2021

How Did I Launched Orderla

Orderla was born 1 year and 6 months ago. 

Now it has more than 7500 merchants.

I knew it was not easy to make a product that can be viable. Some might think it's luck. 

Before WhatsApp has been a hype last year. I have been building for fun ordering system. But not as polished as now. In fact was not good in term of UX for anyone new to use it. Just only built for developer as only the developer know the golden path.

As I learnt this product was build because of the emotion and motivation.

As I just playing around building this at first I did not know the potential. I know I model quite a strong brand in ordering as they served big brands. You know, the total addressable market is quite huge. So I was thinking it could be the best bet. And the addressable market I know is still large and untappable yet.

But just let go back in time, being a sole developer how can it be done.

Social Network / Circle of Friends

I start getting serious about to build this product seriously when there is post that asking is anything around about his idea. And actually his idea was being built silently for fun. So I tell him that I have built this and show the working non-mvp product. I had no idea to monetize and make it or finished or whatsoever. It's just a plain bet with no vision.

But yeah, later on they kind of show what can be done. I had the idea but not so much on the execution. So I just learnt that it can be done in that way.

So yeah, it's become the drive to make the product more MVP or usable at first. Event I openly for the public, I was still lazy to make it like it polished. Just make it as it served as bare MVP.

Later on the product got some buzz on facebook group, some facebook friends share it on their walls. 

It had some traction. And also inspired some other people to work on their own too.

Critical Users

While traction was good, they just want to share it because they might think it was cool.

But not until you meet or talk or message with your critical users.

I would say that this kind of users are the key of shaping your products. Whether you like it or not. They stepped out from just want to just leave your product to speak out to you, and say what they want.

Some critical users are my personal friends and others are stranger. 


I would say iteration and improvement is just crucial as the way we move along.

We have a strong foundation but we just need the growth.

Growth is the way that can make us relevant in the future and present. 

The Future

Many people asking me what is the future of this product. Some things can be said and some are not. 

While we can say that what we are working in the near production. 

We cannot say what in the pipeline, sorry.

We are keep iterating the small thing and building the bigger thing. 

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