Friday 12 November 2021

Back to Basic

We have a good news that we are shortlisted to enter an online accelerators for businesses.

So I would like to share what kind of learnings or takeaways from the materials they are provided:

Well, firstly, after I go through the materials, it's so much so like going back to basic, or like flashback to the point of time that Orderla (our SaaS business) was started. 

1. Business Model Canvas (BMC):

This is considered as the universal language on the framework of building a business.

BMC starts from :

i) Value Proposition. What kind of value to you want to server your (ii)

ii) Customer Segment : identify your ideal customer, what are their persona

iii) Channels : how do you deliver your (i) to (ii)

iv) Customer Relationship: how do you let your Customer Segment know you, and how do you maintain the relationship.

v) Revenue Steam: how do you charge your (ii)

vi) Key resources : what is your resources to provide your (i), you must have the advantages on providing goods or services to your (ii) in term of knowledge and networks.

vii) Key partners : who else that you need to partner to make sure you can build up the business. You do not build everything from scratch if needed. You can focus on your USP. 

ix) Cost Structure : what cost do you need to spend in order to provide your (i) and (vi)

2. Go To Market 

We had developed the platform earlier than the pandemic. The idea was to create a simple, free platform the send the order as a message to WhatsApp. At first I even didn't know is anyone would like to use that. It was quite a self-doubt of where it could be.

But, on the other side of the world happen there is also the tool on our pipeline pops up and create such a buzz.

From there, we can be certain that our product pipeline could have the potential users or customers. I started to solidify to make the product in term of UX good enough for user to get on board. 

So to flashback, I used social media, and some social media friends helped in term of introducing the system on the group, and it has some initial users.

Feedback from initial users are critical, and make sure to work on them as early as possible to address the concern. Be grateful that your users reaches to you to talk about their concerns otherwise they just can leave you, without you know a clue why they left.

There is good article about how big apps started:

And for Orderla it was slow process, but we also polishing the app so that it can cover the most of the issue with early users.

At first the product is not good enough for everybody. But eventually it can be better overtime and can be on par or better with other players.

3. Marketing 

Marketing is everything in business. Even sometimes, you might did not noticed you do marketing.

It's the heart of your business. 

Marketing not necessarily ads, as you can start as Zero Cost Marketing (ZCM), which might consuming time. 

Your product is also marketing. Are they happy with your product, are they feel proud to share their links?

But eventually when you have enough confident that it's good enough for wider audience than we have to pump some ads budget on Facebook for example.


That were 3 points of the things that I just reflect back while I got the material of the accelerator.

It can be refreshing to look back and learn how we got until now.


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