Wednesday 28 February 2024

Evolution to Orderla Commerce

We have launched in the early of 2020, and fast forward we will launch the next evolution of as Quick Commerce platform to an E-commerce platform as Orderla Commerce.

So what is Orderla Commerce ?

When the was on going development, we was also wondering on if we could the normal e-commerce too. was perfect ( quite ok ) for quick ordering the thing that we already know, or familiar with like the food. Which is ok to have one image. But of Orderla Commerce (OC for short) we can add multiple images for a product. And we if we have variants, we can assign which image for that particular variant. 

OC also has more control on how do we make the variants. For example variants come with the type of variants. For example: color, weight, storage and more, we can generate the list of variants from that type and its options. Compare to only can create the variants in flat manners. We also go further for making a sensible identification for each variants by changing the variant's name into number. And the variant's id is the total of options. We also can rearrange the position of the options, and the variant's id still intact. 

The variant's ID is used when sharing the link, so that when people open the link will immediately which variant you are sharing. 

For a product with a variant we use ~ (tilde) to identify the item. In the future we will use : colon for modifier.

In OC we use a one-to-many relationship for an order to the order-items. Which can make it easier to query which items was sold (for example) for statistics or report purpose. 

And other thing is as merchant you will be able to make your own store front by connecting the OC by API. Or in another word, headless. We will soon providing the API so that you can create your own front end in the future. 

For now as it's different from, it's not a WhatApp first approach. Rather it is supposed to be a normal ecommerce. Customer need to checkout using proper payment gateway. For now we choose SecurePay for now. 

Nevertherless, we think it's still not perfect and requires more development but we think it's still beneficial for some too who don't need more complicated workflow. 

But as for now we think we have build something good enough to be launched and to be used. But just don't know how robust with unexpected customers. 

Besides of OC, we want to offer merchant to build their own OC, by having us to deploy separately from the main OC.

All in all, this is going to be a nerve wrecking experience to launch a new product after serveral time of hardness. And we are still in the hardness mode to perfecting the OC system near in the future.

If you read this far. Congratulation and sign-up for interest for at :


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