Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Yet Another App will Be Published

Thanks to Allah, we will going for Ramadhan this year.

I am grateful to have people that are willing to use WorkIn app, for taking attendance.

It's a 'beta' product right now. You can use it properly with very minimal power to help you to solve attendance problems. However the polishness and completeness is on the way.

We are helping business owner to manager their staff easiliy with this system.

And also at the meantime I am publishing new iOS app for Cyberjaya City.

The WorkIn app, I will do some 'Chill or Grill' on this Friday. So wish me luck.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Using GIT, and PUSH to LEMP Server

Personaly this is the latest achivement so far on developing web application using Laravel.

It's so important for me to develop locally and be able to push on the server so that we can have at least a local back-up if anything happen to the server. And also we can push to another repo as well.

What I am talking about is to deploy from local to staging, and to production with Git. Well, for now just for deployment. But it's good enough because it's the same concept to push for production as well.

To gain this mastery just took me a while. Because I am catering many of the development discipline including iOS and Android. Until now just using direct coding on the server to make changes which is DANGEROUS.

Well if the website is heavily used, then something bad will happen if you are tweaking the code directly. It's definitely not an ideal solution if the website has heavy users. It's also reveal that I am not having a big website yet to go on this git-push solution yet.

Well now we are a step more ready on this area. Web system area with better management, risk strategy.

And also we be able to push into the subdomain, so that the staging has it's own subdomain before we go for full production. Which is cool as well.

To configure the subdomain we have to configure the LEMP configuration at the files. (etc/nginx/sites-available and sites-enabled) Which I am not intended to discuss more here.

So yeah, I am feeling proud for acquiring this important techniques. And let the development moving on.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Projek Khas Semperna Ramadhan

Semperna ketibaan bulan Ramadhan tak lama lagi, saya ingin mengambil inisiatif untuk mereka bentuk aplikasi memaparkan waktu solat di kawasan-kawasan di Malaysia.

Konsep awal aplikasi tersebut adalah seperti berikut.

Rekabentuk app waktu solat. 

Saturday, 13 May 2017


XMPP on iOS guys?

It was a thought time that day when I was asked to deliver XMPP related iOS app which is quite hard to get resources.

Especially the killer part is the Swift 2 -> on new Xcode 8. Whew. It was not that easy. It was August 2016 methink.

So fast forward, now there is tutorial on Swift 3. Here we go.

Eagle and Website

Last post I had mention that I am 'pakar' right. Actually I was more 'pakar' than normal guy. Haha. Just kidding.

Yeah, really, even though you can be expert on some field, it can be tough, not exiting, boring time to get through to get it done.

But, what I discovered. With friend at CWS, there is better, easier, but can cost something, for designing responsive website. It's called Webflow, access it here.

It's a, nice, clean, codable, WYSWYG online editor. And I don't know the full potential yet, but it look promising. I have been watching YouTube videos about webflows and everything.

I tried on something like below.

I recreated Bootstrap layout structure effortlessly (not so lah) with Webflow in minutes, which is nice.

And by the way, I should do the Eagle Project. I should be tested on this Monday. The client rentlessly asked for us to do our own 'dummy API' with always correct API. Well he said so because the API documentation is already out before the actual API is 'live'.

So yeah, it can be a shocking at first. But it may might be a challenge. Creating my own endpoint, but the route is the same with the documentation, so it should be fine right. 

But yeah, the mood is not there yet. I am playing around with Webflow because of nothing. 

And also yeah, I am also working on smart '-' app which is will be presenting on this Tuesday.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Developing Software Can Be Hard

Hello, Good Late Night.

So aku dalam nak sambung develop satu project ni. Jadi buka Xcode. Tapi browser ni merayau-rayau tanpa tujuan, just sometime bila kita nak buat sesuatu, mood nak develop tu tak datang. Susah tu sebenarnya nak buat kerja tapi minda dan fikiran tak boleh fokus, atau align dengan apa yang nak kita buat, jadi terfikir lah nak tulis benda ni dalam blog iReka Soft.

Penting juga ni, dulu time bekerja, pun sama jugalah. Benda-benda software ni, memang berkait rapat dengan jiwa dan 'soft' skill kita ni. Terutamanya tentang minda. Minda yang tak boleh fokus atau nak dalam state untuk memikirkan state macam mana nak selesaikan masalah. Jadi boleh jadi blur dan kerja tersebut berkemungkinan dilengah-lengahkan sambil nak cari mood katanya.

Hal ini terjadi salah satunya kerana fizikal juga. Badan tidak rasa sihat, dalam kondisi sekarang. Tekak pun rasa sakit. Sedikit sebanyak boleh effect performance kita kan?

Lagi-lagi bila kena hadamkan konsep programming yang advanced. Huu.. sakit kepala beb.

Tapi kalau boleh tukar mood tu dengan develop benda-benda light dan best mesti boleh kasi reduce pain kat dalam otak tu.

Jadi walaupun sesuatu program yang dah ada specifications tu nampak cam senang tapi dalam keadaan tertentu kondisi tak mengizinkan, jadi susah juga tu kan.?

Jadi jom lah kita submit untuk dapatkan kondisi yang terbaik.

See you later.

Yet Another App will Be Published

Thanks to Allah, we will going for Ramadhan this year. I am grateful to have people that are willing to use WorkIn app, for taking attenda...