Tuesday 5 February 2019

Kelas ZKM


First of all I keep writing up this blog since 2015 di mana terdetik untuk terus kan blog ni sebab ikut saranan Dr Azizan dalam MMM 2015. So here we go dah 2019 pun I keep update this at least 1 post every month.

Last week I went to #ZKM short for Zero Kos Marketing, and interestingly the cost to go there is zero also, yes it's free, sponsored by Richworks.

Alrighty, yes basically the class was the best, I gave my best to listen, learn and munch the information as much as possible. The knowledge is fresh, and quite advanced and deep. It's not long stuff but really packed. Just need time to implement it in the right way.

By the way, I shared my notes to the ZKM Group, I took note with my trusty iPad Pro ( mid 2017 ) and it was receiving such amazing feedback by group members. Best of all even Dr Azizan said 'dasat nota ni'... kudos to all of you for give such positive feedback.

The killer for the notes is the doodle I think, I just scribble the face the outfit as detail as I can. Hope if look like the real person. It's not easy to draw a character to looks alike someone right.

But yeah, it's a powerful and fun journey so far. I love what Richworks is doing and I learn many stuff of course in business. I think without the insight from them, I would not get what I achieved today.

And of course there is many to come, the strategy I learn is too powerful to implement many of them, step-by-step baby. 

Alright, till next time.


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