Saturday 23 February 2019

What Does Programmer Do?

Hey guys, I am a programmer, I learn to programme from an early age. The programmer is building stuff on the computer.

I started building a static website with HTML with a tool called FrontPage which generate a HTML code from WYSIWYG tool. Then I keep building and have a website hosted on the internet, and it's still alive, it was 14 years old and still online on Tripod.

For me building stuff on the computer is interesting, I love digital crafting so that I keep moving, use new tech and build stuff, either for web mobile or desktop, just love it. Especially when we can make a beautiful user interface which is elegant and easy to use.

Alright, the topic I want to highlight here is programming, what really programming does.

I program because I want to create stuff, programming a method to do that. Like any other tool to make something, you have to learn to use tool to make things.

And what it takes to be a programmer, I think, understanding patterns is a crucial element as a programmer.

To see the whole picture program build with codes, files, and folders. A compiler compiles everything to make a product.

The smallest part of that is syntax which is the grammar of the programming. We must follow the syntax to make the program works. We have to learn and understand the syntax to make the program workable.

Well, syntaxes are patterns that are created by people who make the tool.

I learn a multitude language of programmings. The rules are same, follow the syntax, learn how it works. So I keep learning. And I take notes, lots of notes about rules of programming. I keep a reference to the rules because I cannot remember it all.

So that's it, the master rule for programming is to learn the pattern of the syntax of programming language.

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