Wednesday 21 September 2016

BlueCloud Empire

Hey guys. I just sign up for BlueCloud Course, so what it is? It's a course that is actually really near to what I am doing and really doing, and want to succeed.

Unlinke ther online course I took many of them are about making things, make things work and what not. BlueCloud course, teaching about get a success on the App Store and Google Play.

It's start from the IDEA. We can get idea from many places, from disapointment, inspiration and others. Well, those are good, but what really matters is that the idea has the market for it? We can do some market research by looking at the current chart of paid download. You see, paid download means that people are willing to pay for the app. And it's really crucial to understand why it's getting download, and one of them is solving people's problem.

So look at the apps, and pick some of the apps that seems that you have interested into or you want to build. And... what you need to do is to read reviews. Read reviews for 2-3 stars reviews. It really shows what people are want more on the apps. There is the actual people there who want something more out of the app. They are real people. They grave for something that actually we could serve them.

Okay, what have to do is to list down all interesting reviews and jot down to a spreadsheet. And finally get the essense of the problem that user wanted. Well that's our chance to go improve the problem, and make it better. It sound like we will make something that proven that user wants, and we try to make a better product. Sound reasonable isn't ??

Well that's for the idea. Particularly, we can get the right idea. But it will come to the execution, which about all the nitty gritty of oursourcing, put on the meta-data, keywords, icons, screenshots and more.

I am still learning about it, but already half-way to finish it. It has been interesting thing to learn, but importantly to implement it.

See you on the next post. I am an apprenuer millionaire. Bye.

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