Tuesday, 20 December 2016

It's Almost End of the Year

Wow. How fast the time flies.

If you have't yet. This is our latest creation for Android app.

It's pretty slick. It will support thousand of car owners in Klang Valley to get their battery with the ease of smartphone.

It probably some barrier to have it because you need to know there is an app for that. Yeah, you just can call to the service or just Whatsapp them right? Yeah true.

But that's work on early stage of business. You know, where you can handle it. When you sell a lot, you need a system to automize it.

Yes this is an initiative to make it more systemize.

You might see it's a simple system at the front-end. Pick your location, your car and model search. All the batteries will show up. When you are ready pick the battery select your payment and bam.

The rider will come out to you. You just need to wait. 

It's because the service is already up and running. There are traditionally serving people like what normal thing does.

But it just added a layer with web system and apps.

Cool is'nt it? We will wait for the flood of downloads and orders. Thanks.

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