Friday 30 December 2016

Looking back at 2016

It's almost at the end of 2016, we will come to 2017 in matters of day.

It's good time to reflect back what has occured on 2016. So it will make a torchlight for the next year.

Let's talk related to work and business here OK.

# App Development / Publishing

Early this year I published numbers apps on App Stores. Especially on the early year.

Polishing and updating is important. It's important to keep refresh so Apple like it.

Like-minded community. I joined it since this business is emotionally stressed, we need support right.  So joining course and community for this definitely help in the long run.

# Services

This year is Android year for servicing. I just learnt this technology last year, with Android Studio. Since the Android Studio is quite nice I can stick with it.

I am happy with the jobs, but the client usually like to drag the time so that they can think more and make some additional decision to put into the apps.

And also for iOS job as well.

Another thing is web. Wordpress informational website. It's small scale project that is cater as special projects. I need to care about hosting on behalf of clients. To be honest, I am not pushy to client to complete their task to finish up their contents. I am just wait until they can finish them. But it affects in term of completing the payment etc. Dragging this can cost client for hosting and domain.

# Blog

I had a simplified, Apple-like iReka Soft website this year, at least the front page. It has a hero and 4 sub features item.

And also we have an iReka Soft Blog! It's somewhat important and cool. I illustrate some important piece of techs to share with many technical people.


# Working Space

I work from home mainly. But since I have kid now, it's a bit hard to focus only on work. So Q4 this year start renting desk at CWS MaGIC. Co-working space.

It's a wonderful space. Really. Because MaGIC is a organization that supports entreprenuership. So they have programs, days that engage the community. The communities there are cool as well. Variety of people, same minded people that have entreprenuer spirit.

# Design

Designing is important to have a successful product. Even it's small product. Designing is a co-process. But it can be the master plan. So designing can be in-out.

I learn more about Sketch. And recently bought Flinto a prototyping tool.

# Laravel

Not be forgotten is this new stuff I acquired this year. It's an important web / backend technology that developer needs.


# 2017

For the next year. I'm still renting at CWS MaGIC, if you happen to read this, lets have meeting there. It's cozy place to have meetings.

Yeah 2017, is gonna be challenging. Many of the ideas / prototype / experimental this year need to be realized on the next year.

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