Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Engineering Difficulties

Hey. It's me Hijazi, from iReka Soft. I just want to write something when I do project, I often face difficulties in software development. And, it's stressful, time consuming, blurred, some dizzyness and sometime become negative like giving up.

I actually face some here, I am updating the 'Nightstand' app. I think I published 2 years ago, but I decide to update for iPhone X, and update with recent API, which is UserNotifications. I wanted to replace the old implementation to the recent API as it's more flexible and predictable.

Back to the title, I am facing difficulties, well I am not want to tell what about is it, but how do I gonna handle it.

I will take more time on those problems. Research it, testing it, write code just for testing this and that to make it work as expected.

If I have difficulties when I with a team, it's quite hard when you being requested for another thing, changing stuff. Well, on this particular time, things can be more stressful, because you are in the time to fix stuff that are not working properly, and being asked to do more other thing, well, this is a disguise cost, if it does not complex at first but quite complex on implementation. It can be trap sometime. So be careful guys.

OK, so I am gonna be debugging this app while enjoying watching YouTube.


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