Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Feb Updates, Nightstand, FaceClock Calendar and New MY PrayerTimes App

Hey, let revisit what happening to the world of iReka Soft with App Store. Currently on Apple App Store.

I have updated Nightstand app, it was due 2 years since it's first released. It some so-so in-app purchase, so why not to update it for iPhone X, and importantly to upgrade the mechanism for the alarm. I used UserNotification framework which released for iOS 10, to replace the old mechanism of sending local notifications. I think that is loads of codes to support the app as a alarm clock.

It's because the old API lacks of knowing what are the pending notifications and how to handle it properly. And it's a struggle to write for it, it took longest time to code and test. But still I made mistake / bugs on that. It was not working well, as I heard from reviews.

Another thing is the FaceClock Calendar. It's especially for iPhone X. iPhone X has new aspect ratio, and the app has a grid system that detect the aspect ratio and will arrange according to a specific rules. Well, when I boot up the app for natively run iPhone X, the clocks and calendar did not appear because there is not stated rules for 4x8 or 8x4 grid. Well I have to added it to make them reappear. Well, that was the story of FC Calendar. I think it's a pretty cool app. But the settings menu is quite boring.

And, and another exciting thing for this month is, I submitted a new app for the App Store. It's call codename 'My Waktu Solat'. It's a prayer time for Malaysia from locations that available from JAKIM. I think maybe this is the first app that I wish to produce for mobile. So it was so long delay, with technical constraint and also soul constraints. I maybe don't have clue how to finish the app. Recently I just had a call on how to have a final look.

This is what the problem, I was not sure how to do the final UI. I can play around with UI but did not realize how to finalize it. Since it's a personal project, I may delay it as soon I get the call. So finally I seems to get the call to finish it. And today I submitted to the App Store. Just wait few days to get approved.

I want to talk bit more about 'My Waktu Solat', the final name will be different, but similar. I make it works on iOS for iPhone and iPad, it also has Today Widget which is cool. On top of that it support Apple Watch. And additionally it has Apple TV app. So by far this is most complete suite of apps for Apple for this title. Even-though the app is simple but wide in term of devices.

OK lets wait for few days to get notified whether the app get approve or not.

Peace out.

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