Saturday, 24 February 2018


Hey guys.. I am back again, so recently I learnt thoroughly about ReactNative in-depth.

I think eventhough it's look hacky but it's pretty awesome tool to develop apps crossplatform.

In order to use React Native properly we have to know some cruicial dependancies libraries to make the app more proper or funcitonal like common apps out there.

In short, I like it. Mostly because of one code base we can deploy on iOS and Android platform.

But to master it, debug it, it has steep learning curve. No proper tools available yet. Need command line to run it. But hey, that what web development looks like. So for web developer who like to jump-in to app development, maybe you may find it's familiar.

On the other hand, with React or other tools, it's easy to make sloppy app, but having a great one is a hurdle and hard.

OK, if you like to know more about React Native please let me know, if I can talk more or make a screencast.

Till then,

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