Sunday, 4 March 2018

ReactNative II

Hey guys,

It's me again Hijazi from iReka.

I would like to further talking about React Native. I have been studying since last 2 weeks in-depth.

ReactNative (RN) is pretty damn different paradigm than developing with native development with Xcode or Android Studio.

RN is based on ReactJS, a JavaScript library for web development, open sourced by Facebook.

RN was open sourced in 2015, at first only iOS, then support Android later that year.

The development wise is pretty hacky, have many gotchas, inconsistence, some devs I heard fed up with it. It's pretty immature in some case.

Yet on the positive side, it's pretty cool and awesome tech that can support both iOS and Android with same code base. Of course with little modification for each platforms.

So, it's not straight forward, the resource is not many, and can be confusing.

There are ways to make the app proper with some libraries like react-navigation, react-native-router-flux and also react-redux.

Redux concept is quite new for me. Hmm. How to say. It's a state management throughout the app. It has store, actions, reducers and states.

Let me give a little brief about redux. One app has a store which is an overall container of the engine. There are reducers with action's type and payload. Reducers has the functions return the result. There is action for prepare to sending to reducers, it store the action and payloads. Store will 'dispatch' the action into the reducer to generate new 'state'.

Well, Redux is kind of different way of thinking the flow inside app. And using Redux, is make the app one directional. It's actually easy understand when doing. Just read the stuff might does not make sense so much.

OK, hopefully i can do some screencasting on how redux or RN works. But for now I will learn more about RN through out this year.

Till, then. Take Care.

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