Thursday, 8 March 2018

User Journey Diagram & Use Case Flow

Hello gang,

This is Hijazi. I will write on user journey diagram and the use case diagram.

On app or system development industry. Development skill is important to make sure that we can make things materialized or workable. Not just on paper. But now we have to put our capabilities on paper. We know we can do it, but we have to step backward to oversee what we will make.

By planning ahead we can see the birds-eye-view of how everything working together. We can plan what classes that we need before we go into UI details.

Another thing is the use case diagram. We cover the most important aspect of the software when it's used with multiple roles. This will show what's each role will do, what system will keep and what it will notify another parties and so on.

From that, we can list down what kind of technologies we will use on this project.

OK guys. If you ever have question shout out at twitter @hijz alrite. I will continue to write next time.


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