Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Hey guys, or just myself, or future's self, or any software developer like me.

So I went indie since 2013. I quit from a local software development company which I had been working for almost 3 years since 2010. I worked one month after I got back from Tokyo University of Technology in Computer Science. You get the math. By the way, I made app called 'Calc Drill' before I enter the company. So I learned iOS (iPhone OS) since year 4 in the university. I think I made so little progress by learning by myself back-then. Yet still have some progress, like having the 'Calc Drill' app.

I would say that during my work at the company I learnt a lot man. There are geniuses behind the company. It's only you to seek out and ask questions.

I think by having a client, it's really pushed the team to work your ass off. It can be from scale 4 to 10. Sometime it's easy, sometime it's so headache and can hurt you. But you gotta still do it.

But, however, when you are indie, like me, you may divide your work to i. your own product and ii. servicing.

i, your own product, which something that it's up to you to do it, it's your execution, your idea, or emulate someone's idea, your advantage, your liabilities to make it hot, your assets, your time and so on. It's your craft, your baby, it's special. You shall care about it. You learn from it. You make it proper business, which give you financial benefit for you to sustain. Get feedback from your customer, and try to improve your products better.

ii. you work for someone else on your expertise to gain financial benefit. And personal growth and satisfaction, being respected of your work. Follow the stakeholders lead to solve their problems. Sometime they are blurry with software, you need to advise them yea. It give some synergy to work, working with team make your keep update with latest technology trends.

I would like to do some pro and cons, but maybe next time. It would be a long discussion. But in summary, it's important to have both, but you decide what it's the ratio. Like now maybe I am with i:70% ii:30%.

It's been a wonderful journey, and I would say that this is possible because of the audience, app users, iPhone users, Apple Watch users who interested with my or our products. People love the product, use it, having benefit from it, and we provide premium as business model. We help people with their device.

I will keep make new things, I have desire to be more, I must to achieve more. Apple users are like a billion worldwide, which is, 1_000_000_000_000. Good iPhone users maybe like 50 millions. Shall I make your day better guys with my products. Yeah, I will work ass off for that.

ps: May be I should write in Japanese sometime. (時々日本語で書きたいなと思います)

iReka Soft

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